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Team of Girlfriends For FX Pilot THE ANSWERS Starring Lucy Hale

Erin Karpluk, Mya Lowe, Melanie Field, Lucy Hale, Krys Marshall, Mya Lowe, Emilija Baranac., Pallavi Sharda, Kineta Kunutu.

Team of Girlfriends For FX Pilot THE ANSWERS Starring Lucy Hale

Rich actor seeks team of girlfriends to satisfy his needs. Here is the team of girlfriends for FX’s The Answers pilot with Lucy Hale as the Emotional Girlfriend.

Mary Parsons (Lucy Hale) is the Emotional Girlfriend in wealthy and infamous actor Christopher Sky’ (David Corenswet)’s “Girlfriend Experiment”. There’s also the Maternal Girlfriend, who folds his laundry, the Anger Girlfriend who fights with him, the Mundanity Girlfriend who just hangs around his loft, and a whole team of girlfriends to take care of Intimacy. Mary falls headfirst into Christopher’s messy, ego-driven simulacrum of human connection.

Lucy Hale story

Vancouver filming dates: January 23 2023 – February 10 2023.

Sorry for Your Loss creator Kit Steinkellner, Dopesick creator Danny Strong and Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky are the trio adapting Catherine Lacey’s novel The Answers for a potential FX series.

Krys Marshall Instagram.

Writer/Producer: Kit Steinkellner.

Director: Gillian Robespierre 

Cast: Lucy Hale, David Corenswet, Raul Esparza,, Krys Marshall,, Melanie Field , Pallavi Sharda, Kineta Kunutu., Erin Karpluk.

Table read:

Krys Marshall Instagram.


Lucy Hale is Mary Parsons, the Emotional Girlfriend.

David Corenswet is wealthy and infamous actor Christopher Sky.

Raul Esparza is Dr. Crowe; Krys Marshall is Ellis; Melanie Field is Dani.; Pallavi Sharda is Ash.; Kineta Kunutu is Nick.

One of the locations:

SW Marine Drive in Vancouver.

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