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Eli Roth’s THANKSGIVING Movie From His Fake 2007 Trailer Starts Filming in Ontario Next Week

This holiday season prepare to have the stuffing scared out of you.

Sixteen years on, Eli Roth is about to start directing a real Thanksgiving slasher film in Ontario, based on his fake trailer featured in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 cult movie Grindhouse.

Toronto filming dates: March 13 2023 – April 28 2023.

Eli Roth’s 2007 Thanksgiving trailer teased the killing spree of a serial slasher known as “The Pilgrim” on the fourth Thursday in November. Roth even cameoed as a guy who literally lost his head while having sex in a convertible.

Click here for age-restricted trailer.

Writers: Eli Roth, Jeff Rendell.

Director: Eli Roth.

Cast: Addison Rae, Patrick Dempsey, Milo Manheim, Neil Verlaque, Jalen Thomas Brooks.

Producers: Spyglass Media, Tri-Star Pictures.

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