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FIRE COUNTRY Star Max Thieriot Directed 2nd-To-Last Episode of Season in Vancouver

FIRE COUNTRY Star Max Thieriot Directed 2nd-To-Last Episode of Season in Vancouver

Tired as hell but dang I’m excited for y’all to see this one!!🔥 — — Max Thieriot Instagram.

Fire Country’s Max Thieriot is worn out after starring in and directing season one’s second to last episode titled Backfire.

What’s Fire Country about?

Seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence, young convict Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot) joins a firefighting program that returns him to his small Northern California hometown, where he and other inmates work alongside elite firefighters to extinguish massive blazes across the region.

Episode 1×21 Backfire will air Friday, May 12th on CBS.

Crews are called to put out a backfire that was started by a private firefighting company to protect a client’s high-end winery.

The episode that Max directed has the most practical fire we’ve ever had, so it’s going to feel thrilling. — showrunner Tia Napolitano to TVLine.


Huge thanks to our entire [Fire Country] team for diggin deep and charging into the flames with me!! I love all of you and I am so proud of the show we are making! I’ll say this… a full plate doesn’t matter when you have a full heart!! ❤️🙏Max Thieriot Instagram.

Backfire slate.

Dermott Downs will direct the season finale.

DGC BC Production List.

Fire Country Season One:

Showrunner: Tia Napolitano.

Cast: Max Thieriot, Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro, Diane Farr, Stephanie Arcila, Jordan Calloway, Jules Latimer, Zach Tinker, W. Tré Davis, Michael Trucco, Ty Olsson.


What’s next?

Fire Country returns this Friday with Jake under investigation in episode 17: A Cry For Help.

An internal investigator suspects Jake (Jordon Calloway) of being the serial arsonist behind the recent fires, and the crew sets out to investigate the matter.

Fire Country films in Vancouver and has been renewed for season 2.

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