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Oliver & Barry’s Last Drink on THE FLASH Brings Arrowverse To Close

Oliver & Barry’s Last Drink on THE FLASH Brings Arrowverse To Close

You started this…I don’t know what my life would have been like if I hadn’t taken that train to Star City — Barry Allen.

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen’s last drink on The Flash brings the Arrowverse to a close.

Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen/Green Arrow/Spectre has made his last appearance, but Grant Gustin’s The Flash still has four episodes of “A New World” to complete the speedster’s story.

I think I moved away from [the Arrowverse] at the right time to clear the stage and let everyone else finish up, but I think that it’s finishing at a nice time. . . It’s been an absolutely amazing run in terms of an interconnected universe of superheroes on television. Hopefully when they go back and they write the book about it, they say we stuck the landing — Stephen Amell to Deadline: Hollywood.

Homage to Arrow fight sequences:

We did a fight sequence that, again, was my homage to the incredible fight sequences that they did on Arrow all those years. And my understanding is that one of the stunts we did was one of the biggest stunts that has even been done on Flash. It’s a packed-full episode, absolutely. — director Danielle Panabaker to TVLine..

Infected SWAT officers versus the Green Arrow:

Green Arrow stunt rehearsal at the Vancouver Art Gallery on January 11th:

Grant Gustin & Stephen Amell Reunion:

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Barry, Barry, Barry. What have you done this time? — Oliver.

Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell filmed this reunion on January 10th in the forest of Burnaby’s Central Park as Lian Yu.

Good times, a lot of laughing — Grant Gustin told TVLine about working again with Stephen Amell.

After the episode wrapped filming in mid-January, Stephen Amell thanked Vancouver and everyone associated with The Flash for the privilege of coming back.

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