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YELLOWJACKETS 2×03: Where Did Misty Meet Walter on His Boat in Vancouver?

YELLOWJACKETS 2×03: Where Did Misty Meet Walter on His Boat in Vancouver?

Where did Yellowjackets season 2 film citizen detectives Misty (Christina Ricci) and Walter (Elijah Wood)’s hilarious interrogation of Randy Walsh on Walter’s boat in episode 3?

The fictional Potter’s Island Marina was played by Shelter Island Marina in Richmond on the Fraser River.

Yellowjackets is about a group of survivors from a girls’ high-school soccer team who 25 years ago were stranded deep in the wilderness after a plane crash and forced to go feral to survive.

Adult survivors in 2021:

Misty & Walter on Walter’s boat:

Misty met Walter at his boat in fictional Potter’s Island Marina played by Richmond’s Shelter Island Marina.

Walter is pretending to be an FBI agent in order to get some answers out of a potential witness to Nat’s kidnapping at the motel. When Misty sees that the witness is Randy the citizen detectives decide to hide Misty in the bathroom where she can feed Walter questions through an ear bud.

This interrogation was originally meant to be shot in two different locations, with Walter and Misty’s scenes filmed separately. But instead production shot both at the same time like a play with Christina Ricci in the bathroom at the bottom of the boat and Elijah Wood in the hull of the boat.

So far the Misty/Walter scenes have been welcome comic relief in some very dark episodes, but will that last?

Shauna & Jeff:

When their mini-van get carjacked, Shauna grabs the gun:

Who do you think you are? Rambo — Jeff.

Later she pays a visit to the chop shop with the gun, scares the hell out of a guy and gets the min-van back.

Lottie & Natalie at Camp Green Pine:

Natalie goes in search of Lottie’s Camp Green Pine quarters, filmed at Camp Howdy in Belcarra. The antlers mounted above the door of one cabin tell her this is the abode of the Antler Queen.

Episode director Jeff Byrd scouted in the rain at Camp Howdy in Belcarra.

Teens stranded in wilderness in 1996:


Yellowjackets season 2:

Episodes: 9.

Season 2 filming dates: August 30 2022 – February 11 2023.

Showrunners: Jonathan Lisco, Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson.

Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis, Lauren Ambrose, Simone Kessell, Sophie Thatcher, Sammi Hanratty, Sophie Nélisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Liv Hewson, Courtney Eaton, Steven Krueger, Warren Kole, Kevin Alves.

Others: Elijah Wood, Sarah Desjardins, Rukiya Bernard, Jason Ritter, Nuha Jes Izman, Nicole Maines, François Arnaud, Nia Sondaya. 

Yellowjackets streams Fridays on Paramount+ (Crave in Canada) and airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

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