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SECRETS OF THE MORNING With Brec Bassinger & SAG-AFTRA’s Fran Drescher Premieres

SECRETS OF THE MORNING With Brec Bassinger & SAG-AFTRA’s Fran Drescher Premieres

VC Andrews’ Dawn Part 2: Secrets of the Morning, with Stargirl’s Brec Bassinger and SAG-AFTRA President herself Fran Drescher, premieres on Lifetime.

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After disturbing details of Dawn’s (Brec Bassinger) past are revealed, she finally has the upper hand with her grandmother Lilian (Mills) and orchestrates her move to New York City to attend the best performing arts school.

Brec Bassinger Instagram.

While residing in a boarding house run by headmistress and aging actress, Agnes Morris (Fran Drescher), Dawn still dreams about Jimmy and the anguished secrets they share.

But when Michael Sutton (Joey McIntyre) arrives—a new teacher and Broadway star — he sets his sights on Dawn. She falls under his seductive spell but when he ut he abandons her leaving her pregnant., Dawn is once again at the mercy of her grandmother’s twisted schemes. 

Brec Bassinger as Dawn.

Fran Drescher as Agnes Morris.

Joey McIntyre as Michael Sutton.

Behind the saga.

Dawn’s wicked grandmother Lillian (Donna Mills) arranges a secret adoption of Dawn’s daughter Christie. After Lillian’s death, Dawn learns of her scandalous true parentage when she is left the ownership of Cutler’s Cove Hotel.

One thing that’s pretty typical in the world of V.C. Andrews is: I would never be too confident that you know who your actual mother and father are. — Michele Weiss, executive producer.

Production on the four-part movie series started late last summer in Vancouver, with the block shooting of the first two movies — Dawn and Secrets of the Morning.

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Secrets of the Morning:

Filming dates: August 29 2022 – October 11 2022.

Director: Linda-Lisa Hayter.

Cast: Brec Bassinger, Fran Drescher, Joey McIntyre, Donna Mills, Khobe Clarke , Corey Woods, Miranda Frigon, Elyse Maloway, Jesse Metcalfe.

Filming in B.C.:

1970s New York City set on Martini Studios backlot in Langley.

Brec Bassinger Instagram.
Brec Bassinger Instagram.
Brec Bassinger Instagram.

V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Part 2: Secrets of the Morning airs July 15th at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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