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Alberta-Shot FARGO Season 5 With Jon Hamm & Joe Leery as Father-Son Lawmen This Fall

Alberta-Shot FARGO Season 5 With Jon Hamm & Joe Leery as Father-Son Lawmen This Fall

Alberta-shot Fargo season 5, with Jon Hamm and Joe Leery as father-and-son lawmen in pursuit of Juno Temple’s criminal, premieres November 21st on FX..

The latest season of Noah Hawley’s crime anthology is set in 2019 North Dakota and Minnesota.

Fargo season 5 follows Dorothy “Dot” Lyon (Juno Temple), a Midwestern housewife with a mysterious past, who is now on the run from law enforcement.

Dot is being hunted by local North Dakota Sheriff Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm) , a rancher and preacher intent on exposing her.

Along with his son Gator (Joe Kerry) and drifter Ole Munch (Sam Spruell), Roy pursues Dot, who has kept her husband Wayne (David Rysdahl) in the dark.

Wayne means well when he asks for help from his mother Lorraine Lyon (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the CEO of an enormous debt-collection agency.

Add in Minnesota Police Deputy Indira Olmstead (Richa Moorjani) and North Dakota Deputy Witt Farr (Lamorne Morris), and Lorraine realizes her family’s legacy might be at stake.

Lorraine doesn’t much care for Dot, but she calls in her legal counsel (Dave Foley) to help Dot evade law enforcement, regardless of the crimes she’s committed. 

Fargo Season 5:

Episodes: 10.

Alberta filming dates: October 17 2022 – April 10 2023.

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Showrunner: Noah Hawley.

Cast: Juno Temple, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, Richa Moorjani, David Rysdahl, Sam Spruell, Dave Foley, Jessica Pohly, Nick Gomez.

‘Producers: 26 Keys, The Littlefield Company, Toluca Pictures, MGM Television, FX Productions

Earlier seasons of Fargo have starred Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, Billy Bob Thornton, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Kiernan Culkin, Jean Smart, Ewan McGregor, Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Chris Rock.

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