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BC-&-Alberta Filmed Revenge Thriller WILDERNESS With Jenna Coleman Streams on Prime

Look What He Made Her Do.

BC-and-Alberta-filmed Wilderness series, with Jenna Coleman in a revenge thriller set in the American West, is streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video.

When Liv (Jenna Coleman) discovers husband Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen)’s infidelity, his attempt to make amends—with a long-anticipated American road trip — goes array when the other woman Cara (Ashely Benson) crashes their hiking getaway.

Wilderness uses Taylor Swift’s new version of her 2017 hit “Look What You Made Me Do” to tease Liv’s heartbreak turned fury, after she learns of Will’s betrayal.

British couple Liv (Jenna Coleman) and Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) seem to have it all.  A rock-solid marriage. A glamorous new life in New York. A golden future stretching ahead of them. Until Liv learns about the affair. Heartbreak is swiftly followed by another emotion: fury. 

Enter the American road trip Liv’s fantasized about since she was little, from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon to Yosemite. For Will, it’s a chance to make amends, for Liv, it’s a very different prospect—a landscape where accidents happen all the time. The perfect place to get revenge.

Then to Will and Liv’s shock, the other woman Cara (Ashley Benson) shows up in Yosemite. with her boyfriend Garth (Eric Balfour). The foursome go hiking together, but one of them will not survive the vacation. 

Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta as Majestic Hotel.


Working title: WDNS

B.C. filming dates: June 13 2022 – September 16 2022.

The revenge-thriller series is a twisted love story of a “happily-ever-after” life quickly turning into a living nightmare.

Alberta filming dates: June 20 2022 – July 01 2022.

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Showrunner: Marnie Dickens.

Director: So Yong Kim.

Cast: Jenna Coleman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ashley Benson, Eric Balfour, Claire Rushbrook, Talia Balsam, Jonathan Keltz, Geoff Gustafson, Crystal Balint, Jake Foy, Vanessa Walsh, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Morgana Van Peebles, Natalie Sharp, Nick Preston.

Producers: Nomadic Pictures, Firebird Pictures, Amazon Studios.

Filming in B.C. and Alberta:

Wilderness filmed in Whistler Olympic Park: And in several locations in Downtown Vancouver: the Aura Nightclub, Nuba restaurant, 1000 block of Alexander Street in Gastown, roof of Gastown Printers, Revolver Cafe and the Parq Casino.

Burning Will’s clothes on the roof of Gastown Printers.

Dominion building in background:

Vancouver Seawall near Westin Bayshore Inn.

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Toast to a Dead Mistress:

Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen filming at the Parq Casino in downtown Vancouver as New York City.

Anon contribution to deuxmoi.
doppelvancouver  (@doppelvancouver) image.


Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen filming in the Alberta Badlands.

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