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Iñaki Godoy Jasso: From THE IMPERFECTS Chupacabra To ONE PIECE Pirate

From a Chupacabra on The Imperfects to a pirate on One Piece.

Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy Jasso has gone from co-starring as aspiring graphic novelist Juan Ruiz, who can transform into a Chupacabra, on Netflix’s one-and-done series The Imperfects ……

Filmed in British Columbia.

To starring as Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, on Netflix’s massive live-action anime adaption One Piece.

Filmed in South Africa.

One Piece is a big success, ranking #1 in Netflix’s Top 10 Global Series for three weeks, with a cumulative 360.7 million hours watched and 47.8 million views.

One Piece is renewed for season 2 so the search will continue for the hidden treasure of Pirate King Gol D. Roger, known as The One Piece.

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