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BC-Filmed Slasher Comedy IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE Premieres at Beyond Fest

BC-filmed Christmas slasher comedy It’s a Wonderful Knife — a spin on the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life — gets its world premiere at the Beyond Fest in Los Angeles on Sunday.

This yuletide tale of terror will warm your heart and stab you through it at the same time. — Beyond Fest.

World Premiere on October 8th at 8 p.m. at Aero Theater with director Tyler MacIntyre in attendance.

[II’s a Wonderful Knife] is about a young woman named Winnie Carruthers [Jane Widdop] who lives in this town that’s obsessed with Christmas. There’s this tragedy that strikes [Angel Falls], and she rises to the occasion, but her best friend is killed. director Tyler MacIntyre to EW.

We jump forward a year, and she’s wracked with guilt, and she’s unable to move on, and in her spiral she ends up making this wish that maybe things would be better if she didn’t exist. She wakes up into a nightmare version of [Angel Falls] and there’s many more people dead, and it’s up to her to solve this mystery before it’s too late. — director Tyler MacIntyre to EW.

Christmas in Angel Falls filmed in Cloverdale.

Paul Orazietti/(@Paradeguy) image.

Nod to the punned title with classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life playing at the Angel Falls theatre.

Paul Orazietti/(@Paradeguy) image.

Justin Long as Mayor Henry Waters.

Paul Orazietti/(@Paradeguy) image.

Killer Mayer:

I’ve been a huge fan of Justin [Long}’s work for many years . . .I was looking for a big Christmas villain. We talked about a lot of references of showman-politicians, and that sort of baby boomer-smarminess, and he was channeling some of that.

It’s a Wonderful Knife:

Vancouver filming dates: March 20 2023 – April 14 2023

Director: Tyler MacIntyre.

Cast: Jane Widdop, Justin Long, Joel McHale, Jess McLeod.

Jane Widdop as Laura Lee on Yellowjackets filmed in Vancouver.

Justin Long filmed Disney+’s Goosebumps series in Vancouver last Fall and Winter.

Joel McHale filmed Fox comedy Animal Control in Vancouver this past winter.

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