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CTV/CW’s SIGHT UNSEEN With Dolly Lewis & Agam Darshi Filming in Vancouver

CTV and The CW’s new series Sight Unseen, with Dolly Lewis’s blind detective solving cases with the help of Agam Darshi’s visual assistance guide, has been filming in Vancouver since late July.

Sight Unseen centres on Tess Avery (Dolly Lewis), a homicide detective who’s forced to quit her job after nearly killing her partner (Daniel Gilles) and being declared clinically blind. She uses an assistance app and connects with Sunny Patel (Agam Darshi), a professional seeing-eye guide who’s also an agoraphobe and lives 3,000 miles away. Using a hidden camera and earpiece, Sunny remotely steers Tess through life’s obstacles — and crimes.

Sight Unseen was one of the first series to get a signed SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreement.

Sight Unseen:

Vancouver filming dates: July 31 2023 – November 15 2023

Creators: Karen Troubetzkoy, Nikolijne Troubetzkoy..

Cast: Dolly Lewis, Daniel Gillies, Agam Darshi.

The crime-fighting team:

Dolly Lewis as Tess Burke – a former homicide detective losing her sight due to a rapid onset eye disease.

Daniel Gillies as Jake — Tess’s former homicide detective partner. They continue to solve crimes together but with her as an outsider and him inside the force.

Agam Darshi as Sunny Patel — the agoraphobe visual assistance guide who helps Tess navigate her surroundings via GPS and video from 3,000 miles away.

Matt Okator — Tess’s best friend, a tech whiz.

Producers: Sisters Troubetzkoy Productions, Blink49 Studios, Front Street Pictures, CTV, The CW.

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