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ANIMAL CONTROL Season 2 Starts Filming Mid-December in BC. Premieres in March on Fox.

Season 2 of Fox comedy Animal Control, with Joel McHale as an animal control officer, starts filming mid-December in Vancouver and premieres March 6th at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Animal Control will be paired with Family Guy in a new Wednesday night comedy block after The Masked Singer.

Animal Control follows a group of Seattle Animal Control workers whose lives are complicated by the fact that animals are simple, but humans are not.

Thanks to a Super Bowl ad and a baby cougar licking Joel McHale’s face, Animal Control was Fox’s most-streamed scripted debut of all time.

Joel McHale story.

Fox Entertainment Global has since sold the comedy to Canada’s CBC, Australia’s Foxtel, New Zealand’s TVNZ and the UK’s Channel 4.

Animal Control season one filmed in Vancouver as Seattle last Fall and in January.

Animal Control Northwest Seattle Division set at Marine Drive & Manitoba in Vancouver.

Francisco Lara / @Panchonroses image.

Season 2:

Target filming dates: December 12 2023 – March 01 2024

Writer/producers: Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, Dan Sterling.

Cast: Joel McHale, Michael Rowland, Vella Lovell, Ravi Patel, Grace Palmer, Alvina August, Kelli Ogmundson, Gerry Dee.

Joel McHale and a snake.



Animal Control cast at a Vancouver Canucks game.

Ravi Patel story.

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