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BC-Filmed AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Drops February 22nd on Netflix: Teaser

BC-filmed live-action adaption Avatar: The Last Airbender drops February 22, 2024 on Netflix.

A teaser shared at Geeked Week shows Canadian Gordon Cormier’s Aang in action as the Avatar, a master of all four elements and Daniel Dae Kim as Fire Lord Ozai.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Aang (Gordon Cormier) and his friends must save the world by defeating Fire Lord Ozai (Daniel Dae Kim) and ending the destructive war with the Fire Nation. 

Other characters:

Kiawentiio is 14-year-old Katara, the last waterbender in her village.

Ian Ousley is 16-year-old Sokka, the defacto leader of his tribe 

Dallas Liu’s Prince Zuko.

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s core four on set in Vancouver.

Ian Ousley, Kiawentiio, Gordon Cormier, Dallas Liu.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Working title: Trade Winds.

Vancouver filming dates: November 16th to June 11th, 2022. 

Reshoots: September 01 2022 – September 23 2022.

Showrunner: Albert Kim.

Cast:  Gordon Cormier, Kiawentiio, Ian Ousley, Dallas Liu, Daniel Dae Kim, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Ken Leung, Yvonne Chapman, Tamlyn Tomita, Elizabeth Yu, Maria Zhang, Lim Kay Siu, Casey Camp-Horinek, C.S. Lee, Arden Cho, George Takei, Momona Tamada, Thalia Tran, Utkarsh Ambudkar,, Amber Midthunder, Danny Pudi, James Sie.

Cast and producers on set in Vancouver.

Producers: Rideback, Four Factor Productions, Ice Productions.

Filming in BC:

Gordon Cormier and Daniel Dae block a fight between their characters Aang and Fire Lord Ozai.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is Uncle Iroh, a retired Fire Nation general and the wise and nurturing uncle and mentor to Prince Zuko. 

Arden Cho is June, a blind bounty hunter who can track her prey by scent.


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