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BILLY THE KID Resumes Filming Season 2 This December in Alberta

Billy the Kid resumes filming season 2 this December in Alberta.

The new season had to be split into two parts, with Part One airing on MGM+ this Fall and Part Two in 2024.

The epic romantic adventure inspired by the life of America’s most infamous outlaw continues in Season Two, as Billy and his allies square off against his oldest friend Jesse Evans and the corrupt powers of the Santa Fe Ring.

Season 2, which had been filming in Alberta since May 23rd, paused production and laid off crew when the SAG strike began on July 14th.

Directors Guild of Canada – Alberta Chapter.

Now that the strike is over production can begin on the remaining episodes

Billy the Kid Season 2 :

Cast: Tom Blyth, Daniel Webber, Michael Hurst, Otto Bathurst.

Pre-strike filming dates: May 23 2023 – July 14 2023.

Post-strike filming dates: December 06 2023-January 19 2024.

Christmas hiatus: December 21 2023 January 03 2024

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