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IT Prequel Series WELCOME TO DERRY Preps To Resume Filming This January in Toronto

Update: Welcome to Derry filming now expected to resume mid-Feburary.

It prequel series Welcome To Derry is ramping up to resume filming this January in Toronto, after the SAG strike brought production to a halt last summer.

Pre-production on the Max original re-started this past week in Ontario on the assumption that the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) will have a new deal with the Hollywood studios/streamers (AMPTP) before the holidays.

Post-strike filming dates:: January 22 2024 – June 28 2024 via DGC-Ontario Hot List

Earlier this week, HBO and Max Content Chief Casey Bloys revealed that Welcome to Derry had been scheduled to premiere next Halloween but will likely debut in 2025 now.

Welcome to Derry is based on Stephen King’s It horror novel and expands on filmmaker Andy Muschietti’s vision established in the box office smashes It and It: Chapter Two. Will we see an origin story for Pennywise the Clown in the series?


Welcome to Derry Season One:

Set in the 1960s, four kids in a town bordering an Air Force base with a mysterious “Special Projects” bunker search for friend of theirs who disappeared mysteriously.

Working title: Fairview.

Pre-strike filming dates: May 01 2023 – production paused on July 14 2023.

Post-strike filming dates: February 12, 2024 – July 26 2024. Updated

Showrunners: Jason Fuchs, Brad Caleb Kane.

Director: Andy Muschietti, who directed It: Part One & It: Part Two, will direct a few episodes of the series.

Cast: Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo, Chris Chalk, James Remar, Madelaine Stowe, Stephen Rider.

Producers: Double Dream, Warner Bros. Television.

Filming locations:

Port Hope, Ontario, transformed into Derry, Maine for the film franchise, with Port Hope Municipal Hall playing the Derry Public Library and many other changes. 

Welcome to Derry filming in Toronto in June 2023.

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