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Apple TV+’s THE LAST FRONTIER With Jason Clarke as Alaska US Marshal Filming in Quebec

Apple TV+’s The Last Frontier about the hunt for prison fugitives in remote Alaska, with Jason Clarke as the lone US Marshal, Dominic Cooper as a fugitive and Haley Bennett as a CIA agent, started filming in Montreal this week.

When a prison transport plane crashes in the remote Alaskan wilderness — freeing dozens of violent inmates — the region’s s lone marshal (Jason Clarke) must protect the town he’s vowed to keep safe.

Soon he begins to suspect the crash wasn’t an accident, but the first step of a well-crafted plan with international political implications.

Jason Clarke plays U.S. Marshal Frank Remnick.

Simone Kessell plays Sarah, Frank’s wife .

Tait Blum plays Frank and Sarah’s son Luke..

Dominic Cooper plays Havoc, a former Navy Seal and fugitive who is being hunted by US Marshals and the CIA..

Haley Bennett plays Sidney, a CIA Agent who is tasked with working with Frank Remnick.

The Last Frontier:

Episodes: 10.

Working title: FOXTROT.

Montreal filming dates: February 05 2024 – October 2024.

Showrunner: Jon Bokenkamp, Richard D’Ovidio.

Cast Jason Clarke, Dominic Cooper, Haley Bennett, Simone Kessell, Tait Blum.

Producers: Apple Studios.

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