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HAPPY FACE With Dennis Quaid as Serial Killer Starts Filming This March in Vancouver

Paramount+ series Happy Face, with Dennis Quaid as the real-life serial killer who got his name from drawing smiley faces on his letters taunting the media and authorities, is filming in Vancouver this Spring.

Annaleigh Ashford co-stars as his daughter Melissa,, who at age 15 discovered that her father was a serial murderer .

Happy Face (Dennis Quaid) is an incarcerated serial killer who is Melissa’ (Annaleigh Ashford)’s once-beloved father. After decades of no contact, he finally finds a way to force himself back into his daughter’s life.

In a race against the clock, Melissa must find out if an innocent man is going to be put to death for a crime her father committed. Throughout, she discovers the impact her father had on his victims’ families and must face a reckoning of her own identity.

The series comes from Robert and Michelle King’s King-Sized Productions and is inspired by Melissa Moore’s real life story, her autobiography Shattered Silence and the Happy Face podcast.

Happy Face

Episodes: 8.

Filming dates: March 19 2024 – June 19 2024

Showrunner: Jennifer Cacicio

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Annaleigh Ashford.

Producers: Melissa Jesperson-Moore, King-Sized Productions (Robert King, Michelle King), CBS Productions.

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