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Melissa Roxburgh Plays Justin Hartley’s Sister in TRACKER at Simon Fraser University

In front of a Gordon Smith mosaic mural at Simon Fraser University.

Manifest’s Melissa Roxburgh plays Justin Harley’s sister in episode 11 of BC-filmed Tracker, titled Beyond the Campus Walls.

Simon Fraser University in Burnaby doubles as the campus.

When a grad student goes missing after a house party, his friends and family believe he buckled under the pressure of his research grant. But, after consulting with his sister Dr. Dory Shaw (Melissa Roxburgh)— a professor at the school — Colter discovers a trail of explicit photos and messages that lead him to uncover a dangerous (and deadly) conspiracy on campus.

Episode 11 airs Sunday, May 5th on CBS (CTV in Canada).

Colter’s Team.

Fiona Rene’s Reenie Greene is a lawyer and an ex who can’t quit him.

Eric Graise’s Bob Exley is a computer scientist and Colter’s sparring partner.

Robin Weigert’s Teddi Bruin and Abby McEnany’s Velma Bruin are the couple who run Colter’s “back end”: seeking new jobs, keeping track of the cash and helping to get him sprung from jail.

With Wendy Crewson as Colter’s mother and Melissa Roxburgh as Colter’s sister Dory.

Tracker Season One:

Episodes: 13.

Filming dates: November 29 2023 – April 23 2024

Cast: Justin Hartley, Fiona Rene., Robin Weigert, Abby McEnany, Eric Graise.

Producers: 20th Television, Justin Hartley.

Updated: With episode title and logline.

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