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SUITS L.A. Pilot With ARROW’s Stephen Amell in Production in Vancouver

It’s Monday. It’s raining. I’m in Vancouver to film a TV show. . . I’m home.

Arrow star Stephen Amell is back in Vancouver to film the Suits: L.A. pilot, a potential NBC spinoff of the streaming phenom Suits..

Stephen Amell’ headed back to Vancouver two weeks ago.

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What’s Suits: L.A. about?

Stephen Amell, Josh McDermitt, Lex Scott Davis and others play high-powered lawyers at the Los Angeles criminal and entertainment law firm Black Lane Law .

Fifteen years ago, former New York federal prosecutor Ted Black (Stephen Amell) joined forces with his old buddy Stuart Lane (Josh McDermitt), to build L.A. law firm Black Lane Law that specializes in criminal and entertainment law.

Rising star Erica Rollins (Lex Scott Davis) works for Ted Black. She’s shrewd enough to test the loyalty of her associates only to admire some of them for not having any.

Like the original legal drama Suits, which was set in New York but filmed all nine seasons in Toronto, Suits: L.A. is set in Los Angeles but shooting the pilot in Vancouver.

If picked up, Suits: L.A. would be a Suits-universe series like the CSI and NCIS franchises which feature new characters in new locations.

Suits : L.A. Pilot.

Vancouver filming dates: April 08 2024 – Apil 23 2024.

Writer/Producer: original Suits creator Aaron Korsh.

Director: Victoria Mahoney.

Cast: Stephen Amell, Josh McDermitt, Lex Scott Davis, Troy Winbush, Bryan Greenberg.

OG Suits:

Patrick Adam as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Spector in Suits.

Suits centred on Manhattan litigator Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) who, impressed by university expellee Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)’s photographic memory and skills, brings him to the prestigious law firm he is a partner at. 

The original Suits ended four+ years ago with its 2019 series finale on the USA Network but found new life after Netflix acquired the rights to eight of the nine seasons and started streaming them late last June. Suits topped the Nielsen chart for 12 consecutive weeks last year thanks to the power of Netflix — ultimately amassing 57.7 billion viewing minutes in 2023.

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Suits cast reunite at the Golden Globes (absent Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex).

Gina Torres, Patrick Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty at the Golden Globes.

OG cast are not expected to make cameos in the Suits: LA pilot but future crossovers could happen.

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