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BC-Filmed Thriller HERETIC With Hugh Grant in Theatres This November

Look for BC-filmed thriller Heretic, starring Hugh Grant s the heretic and Sophie Thatcher and Chloe East as Mormon missionaries, in theatres this November.

The story revolves around two Mormon missionaries who visit an eccentric man’s house with the intention of converting him. However, little did they know that the man had set a trap for them.

The A24 movie goes wide on November 15th..


Writer/Directors: Scott Beck, Bryan Wood

Filming dates: October 03 2023 – November 16 2023.

Cast: Hugh Grant, Sophie Thatcher, Chloe East.

Filming in B.C.

Heretic shot on sound stages at the Pitt Meadows airport and on location.

At the St. James Anglican Church in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside.

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