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MURDER IN A SMALL TOWN With Rossif Sutherland & Kristin Kreuk Debuts This Fall

Fox upfront image.

Filming of the new Fox and Global TV series Murder in a Small Town wrapped last weekend on BC’s Sunshine Coast and the show will debut this Fall on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Starring Rossif Sutherland and Kristin Kreuk, the mystery TV series is adapted from L.R. Wright’s Karl Alberg mystery book series.

To Karl Alberg (Rossif Sutherland), a small town on Canada’s ‘Sunshine Coast’ looks like the perfect place to soothe a psyche that’s been battered by too much big-city police work. Bees buzz among the roses, and the local librarian (Kristin Kreuk) is attractive, intelligent, and unattached. 

Perhaps he has at last come in from the cold. But sunny towns can conceal a lot of secrets some of them bleak enough to make a man yearn for some nice straightforward urban crime. 

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The cops:

Myra Lowe as criminology grad Corporal Edwina Yen, a new arrival to the coast and a cop on the fast-track. 

Savanna Spracklin as Isabella Harbud, the civilian receptionist with a dry sense of humour. 

Aaron Douglas as Sergeant Sid Sokolowski, Karl Alberg’s second in command.

Fritzy-Klevans Destine as Constable Andy Kendrick, a capable cop who is a charming jackass. 

The locals:

James Cromwell as retired history teacher and recent widower George Wilcox. He and Kristin Kreuk’s Cassandra are friends from his many visits to the Gibsons library.

Stana Katic as Zoe, who has a gorgeous home outside town and generally keeps to herself but her cool exterior hides a personality that can explode in sudden fits of temper.

Murder in a Small Town is part of Fox’s international content initiative.

Murder in a Small Town:

Sunshine Coast filming dates: January 31 2024 – May 11 2024: 

Showrunner:: Ian Weir.

Cast: Rossif Sutherland, Kristin Kreuk,, Mya Lowe, Savonna Spracklin, Aaron Douglas, Fritzy-Klevans Destine.

Guest stars: James Cromwell, Stana Katic, Paula Patton.

Producers: Sepia Films, Fox Entertainment, Future Shack.

Filming on the Sunshine Coast:

Casting call in December, 2023.

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Karl Alberg Mysteries:

There are nine Karl Alberg mysteries in L.R. Wright’s series:

#1 The Suspect; #2 Sleep While I Sing, #3 A Chill Rain in January, #4, Fall from Grace, #5 Prized Possessions, #6 A Touch of Panic, #7 Strangers Among Us, #8 Mother Love, #9 Acts of Murder.

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