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Owen Wilson in Vancouver To Shoot Apple TV+ Golf Comedy

Vancouver Canucks image.

Owen Wilson looks happy to be in the crowd at last night’s Vancouver Canucks playoff game. Unfortunately the Canucks ended up losing game seven to the Edmonton Oilers in a tight series and their season is over now.

Why is our favourite  Time Variance Authority (TVA) worker from Loki in town?

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He’s starring as an ex-pro golfer in Apple TV+’s new golf comedy series with the working title Rambler, which starts filming next week in Vancouver.

Pryce Cahill (Owen Wilson) is an over-the-hill, ex-pro golfer whose career was derailed prematurely 20 years ago. After he gets fired from his job at an Indiana sporting goods store and his wife walks out on him, Pryce hedges his bets entirely on a troubled 17-year-old golf phenom (Peter Dager).

Marc Maron will play Mitts, Pryce’s best friend and former caddy.

Untitled Golf Comedy:

Episodes: 10.


Vancouver filming dates: May 29 2024 – September 13 2024 

Showrunner: Jason Keller.

Cast: Owen Wilson, Peter Dager, Marc Maron.

Soundstages: North Shore Studios.

Producers: Entertainment 360, Quantity Entertainment, Apple Studios.

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