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PROMOS: ARROW 1×13 Betrayal Promo Images – Updated

David Anders (Once Upon a Time and Alias) is the next cult guest star to drop by Arrow. We’ll meet him next Wednesday night as infamous Starling City criminal Cyrus Vanch, who plans to take on Stephen Amell’s The Hood to re-establish his reputation as a leading crime lord. Something tells me it won’t work out.

But the theme of the episode is betrayal and there seems to be plenty of that to go around. In the Island flashbacks, Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen meets Manu Bennett’s man-behind-the-Deathstroke-mask who claims there are two masks..

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Flash forward to Starling City where the major betrayals are parental. Katie Cassidy’s Laurel is betrayed by her father who uses her as bait to capture The Hood, filmed in the rain on top of the Bentall parkade in front of a gaggle of visiting American TV journalists. Afterward Laurel angrily tells Colin Donnell’s Tommy about it but he’s not thrilled she kept her meetings with The Hood secret from him.

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SHOOT: Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) & Chin Han (Frank Chen) in Fire Alarm Scene for ARROW 1×16 at Bayshore Hotel – Updated

What happened in the Westin Bayshore Hotel when the lights went out and the fire alarm flashed orange? Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) is the only Starling City 1 per-center I recognized exiting the building. She was accompanied by a mysterious Asian man [Update: Frank Chen (Chin Han from The Dark Knight) who is an old friend of the Queen family and involved Malcolm Merlyn’s nefarious The Undertaking],  So where are Malcolm and Tommy Merlyn (John Barrowman and Colin Donnell) and where is her hooded son Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)? Are they all inside somewhere?

Arrow filmed in the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Coal Harbour for two afternoon/evenings this week and this was the only exterior scene. 150 chilled -to-the-bone background performers, dressed in evening gowns or tuxes, vacated the hotel during a simulated fire alarm in take after take on Tuesday night. Two cameras filmed the big exterior — one high on a hoist at the north end of the property and the second, a tracking camera directly in front of the lobby doors. Last night Arrow was scheduled to film in the International Suite on the west side of the hotel, with a simulated flash of light and the sound of a prop pistol. Who gets shot? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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SHOOT: The Merlyn Boys (John Barrowman & Colin Donnell) Film ARROW 1×16 at Bayshore Hotel

Ummm, people of Starling City. Am I the only one who noticed all those Triad guys dressed up as waiters at your big gala scene last night in the Westin Bayshore Hotel?  Merlyn father-and-son (John Barrowman and Colin Donnell) seemed oblivious to it. Speaking of those Merlyn Boys, is this the best father-and-son casting since those Bishop Boys on Fringe?

Barrowman and Donnell arrived at set together and had such fun rehearsing in their tuxes that they did an impromptu song-and-dance number together up and down the escalator in the Convention Centre. I don’t have photos so you’ll have to trust me that it looked like something out of a Fred Astaire movie. Besides their obvious resemblance, the two men share a theatre background.

In the scene below, Malcolm Merlyn, accompanied by bodyguards, is the recipient of some kind of award. His son Tommy hangs back as his father takes the stage to accept. After a brief speech, Malcolm steps off the stage into the crowd  as the room goes dark, a fire alarm starts flashing orange and the be-jeweled, be-gowned rich folk of Starling City exit the building. What happened?

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SHOOT: ARROW’s Motorcycle Stunt for 1×15 at Oceanic Plaza Downtown

Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen stole a motorcycle last night in downtown Vancouver’s Portal Park. Afterwards, Amell’s stunt double turned the bike around in a couple of 360s before roaring off. The next leg of the stunt was the bike racing from the roof of a yellow Starling City cab down onto West Hastings below, dodging prop traffic as it rides the yellow line to the end of the block. You can see one camera on top of a ladder on the right of the photo below and another at the end of the block near the intersection with Thurlow. Other legs of the stunt included riding down the stairs at Oceanic Plaza and up over the yellow Starling City cab. And there was talk of another segment across the Hastings pedestrian overpass. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay to see it all.

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SHOOT: Newlywed Stephen Amell Steals Motorcycle for ARROW 1×15 at Portal Park Downtown

Newly-married Arrow star Stephen Amell shot a scene last night in the winter cold at downtown Vancouver’s Portal Park of his character Oliver Queen dressed in a sharp suit and stealing a motorcycle. You’d think a billionaire like Queen could toss the guy a few bucks to borrow his bike but the owner refused to give it up and Queen had to adminster a beatdown. Amell did the fake beatdown himself from several different camera angles until his stunt double took over for the stunt riding and Amell waved goodbye to a fan from his departing star car. Not long after, news broke on Just that Amell had married his longtime girlfriend Cassandra Jean over the holiday hiatus in a sunset Caribbean ceremony on Christmas Day. That might explain Arrow fight coordinator James Bamford and his wife’s Caribbean snaps over the holiday hiatus. Wonder how many Arrow cast and crew attended?

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SHOOT: James Callis Films ARROW 1×15 Dodger on the Vancouver Art Gallery Roof – Updated

James Callis (best known as Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica) filmed scenes for Arrow on the Vancouver Art Gallery roof today while star Stephen Amell and co-star Katie Cassidy attended the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles. [Updated: As TV Guide reported last month, Callis plays international jewel thief The Dodger, who forces innocent people to carry out his heists under duress. When the Sherwood ruby goes missing in Starling City, Amell’s Oliver Queen will try to catch this elusive thief.]

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PROMOS: ARROW 1×10 Burned Promo Images – Updated

So how did Stephen Amell end up on so many Best-of-2012 lists? Yes, Arrow is a huge hit for The CW but it wasn’t the Vancouver-filmed show that got so many mentions. It was Amell’s abs, especially as displayed in the famous salmon ladder scene of the pilot. Entertainment Weekly paid tribute to Amell’s six-pack when they named him a Breakout Star of 2012. Amell confessed to the magazine that he wasn’t “ripped” before landing his star-making role but used Brad Pitt’s physical transformation for Troy as his inspiration to become the hooded vigilante.

Perhaps Amell’s abs will be on screen again on Wednesday, January 16th, in Arrow’s tenth episode called Burned. [Update: May be no abs in this episode since Amell’s Oliver Queen is thinking of hanging up his hood for good after being beaten by the Dark Archer. That is, until Laurel asks for his help investigating  the suspicious death of a firefighter.]

Here’s the logline:

Oliver goes up against an injured firefighter who, psychologically traumatized, has decided to take revenge on Starling City by commiting acts of arson while calling himself Firefly.

And the promo images featuring Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance and guest star Andrew Dunbar’s Firefly.

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