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SHOOT: Storybrooke Thugs Robert Carlyle & Emilie de Ravin in Steveston for ONCE UPON A TIME 2×21

So Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) is escalating his bad behaviour in Storybrooke to woo Belle’s cursed self Lacey (Emilie de Ravin). As I’ve said before, this is not RumBelle. More like The Dark One and the Tramp. How nasty will it get? An preview of the first eight minutes of next Sunday’s penultimate episode shows us. The scene below opens with Dr. Whale (David Anders) on the ground outside The Rabbit Hole. looking up at the sole  Mr. Gold’s boot. Whale’s crime: “You stared at her and I know how you think,” Mr. Gold pronounces as Lacey giggles, dressed in her signature barfly style of short dress, fishnets and heels.


It looks like Mr. Gold will give Dr. Whale a good stomping until Baelfire/Neal grabs his father from behind.