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Burrard Street

SHOOT: ROGUE’s Marton Csokas Films at Bentall 5 Tower in Downtown Vancouver

DirecTV’s Rogue has been tough to find filming on location in Vancouver, so it was a pleasant surprise to spot them out in the open on Saturday afternoon at the Bentall 5 tower downtown dressed as Trade Investments. Production has been “hush hush”, one of their productions guys told me last week out at Deer Lake. No kidding. All we really know is that the American satellite network’s first original series stars Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible 2, Crash) as Grace, a morally-compromised undercover cop in Oakland, who’s cavorting with Marton Csokas’s crime boss, who may have been involved in her son’s death. Now that’s a complicated relationship.

Could Marton Csokas’s crime boss be the tall dressed-in-black mafioso type in the scene below? If so, Csokas (Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland) is virtually unrecognizable with jet black hair, except for his height. Joining him in the walk and talk out of Bentall 5 is BC’s own Frank Cassini. (Blackstone)  I also spotted BC’s own Ian Tracey (DaVinci’s Inquest, Intelligence, Sanctuary) on set but didn’t see him in a scene.


Ian Tracey is Detective Lucas “Mitch” Mitchel.

Of course, as often happens, I found Rogue again today filming inside La Terrazza, a Yaletown restaurant at Pacific and Cambie. And this time, Thandie Newton seemed to be on set, but I can’t be sure. Read More »SHOOT: ROGUE’s Marton Csokas Films at Bentall 5 Tower in Downtown Vancouver