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Jasika Nicole

WEEK: January 28 – February 3, 2013

WEEK: January 14-20, 2013

SHOOT: Walter’s Window into Another World at Coal Harbour for FRINGE 5×12 Liberty – Updated

In the epic Fringe trailer for this Friday’s two-hour series finale, we catch a glimpse of Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble)’s cracked Window into Another World circa 1985 (cracked because Walter threw something at it after he saw Observer September interrupt Walternate’s discovery of a cure for his son Peter). Everything is coming full circle in Fringe’s fifth and final season. Walter must have hauled out the window from wherever he’d stored it in his ambered Harvard lab circa 2036 so that the team can have a look at Liberty Island in the parallel universe.

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I suspect this will be an early scene of the attempt to infiltrate Liberty Island [to rescue the boy Michael from the detention camp] in the second-to-last episode called Liberty. Peter (Joshua Jackson), Olivia (Anna Torv), Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and Walter arrive in the dark van from last Friday’s episode and park it on the Manhattan shore [at Battery Park] — actually the seawall in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour in front of dozens of Fringe fans. In between takes, you can see good friends Jasika Nicole and Anna Torv crack up laughing.

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WEEK: December 3-9, 2012

SHOOT: FRINGE Films in NYC Taxi in Downtown Vancouver for Ep. 5×09

As streets began flooding in the real Manhattan yesterday morning and the east coast braced for Hurricane Sandy’s full impact, Fringe filmed scenes in a NYC taxicab in cloudy, wet Vancouver dressed as Manhattan under Observer Occupation in 2036. It sure put our rain in perspective.

I didn’t find the set until close to lunchtime and not long after Fringe wrapped and returned to studio for the rest of the day, so I don’t know if there were scenes other than John Noble’s Walter in the cab along with an unexpected guest star from seasons earlier. I won’t spoil the identity of that guest star until the producers choose to, because one of the joys of the final season is the way Fringe brings back or echoes former cases and characters. After the guest star wrapped, a Flex star car picked up her and Jasika Nicole’s Astrid, who must have been in that very crowded cab as well. I can’t imagine the risk they took talking in a cab with all those background Observers and Loyalist soldiers walking past. And on one of the background cabs driving by — a Reward Wire rooftop ad. Remember the creepy-good Captain Windmark-voiced Fringe teaser, Wanted: Peter Bishop, ahead of the season premiere?

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Kidnapped as a child during Observageddon, Etta reunited with her amber-preserved parents, Peter and Olivia, and grandfather Walter in 2036. We had but a mere handful of episodes to get to know grownup Etta ( Georgina Haig) before she was killed by Captain Windmark last night in a shocker ending, filmed inside east Vancouver”s Terminal City Ironworks compound in early September. Kudos to the Fringies who were there and kept the secret of her demise for almost two months.