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SHOOT: Jon Tenney & Rebecca Romijn Film KING & MAXWELL 1×02 at The Centre

Updated: King & Maxwell 1×02 Second Chances aired June 17, 2013 on TNT.

New TNT series King & Maxwell began filming yesterday in Vancouver. I caught up with them setting up in an alley behind the Ovaltine Cafe in the downtown eastside for a scene of the former secret service agents turned private investigators Sean King (Jon Tenney from The Closer) and Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn from The X-Men franchise) driving up, getting out of the car and walking in the cafe’s rear entrance.

King & Maxwell — characters from the David Baldacci books set in Washington, D.C. —  returned downtown this morning to film scenes outside The Centre of a man being led out in handcuffs and put in the back of an unmarked squad car that drives away. Then people run in terror as a young woman holding a gun appears on the sidewalk. Some yellow Washington D.C. cabs are parked on Robson Street for later scenes.


The Centre

King & Maxwell premieres on TNT on Monday, June 10th.

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