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SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Films Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) Saving Ana (Dakota Johnson) From Cyclist in Gassy Jack Square

50 shades gas0_marked

Fifty Shades of Grey capped its exterior filming in December as May with this rescheduled Gastown shoot today. Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) saves student Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) from being hit by a bicycle as they near a cobblestoned crosswalk set in Portland. Sounds like a pretty open scene doesn’t it? How can you make Gassy Jack Square a closed set? Well this crew is very good at doing that with walls of black scrims and security men with big black umbrellas. Only someone with an above set vantage like Michelle Lacusta (meesh_au on Instagram)  could see much of the near-accident in take after take.

50 shades gastown2

Or be willing to brave security to get close like those who photographed Jamie Dornan dancing with Dakota Johnson between takes. See Just Jared.  Or their near-kiss. See the Daily Mail.

Crew set up outside Peckinpah restaurant, which tweeted a tongue-in-cheek reference to the filming.

50 shades gas1.21`

A steady stream of traffic through Gassy Jack Square complicated the shoot.

50 shades gas33.3_marked

Here is a rare gap in traffic.

50 shades gas3.11_marked

You can see Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s feet on the left behind black scrim.

50 shades gas14_marked

A glimpse of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey through the scrims from a distance.

50 shades gas_marked

50 shades gas1_marked

A glimpse of Dakota Johnson.

50 shades gas2134_marked

Gassy Jack statue.

50 shades gas331_marked

This is the gap in the scrims.

50 shades gas3_marked


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