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SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’s Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) Runs Up Lonsdale in North Vancouver


Christian Grey would be happy if he saw this: Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) taking care of herself with a new running regimen. Wearing a light blue hoodie, grey stretch pants and grey sneakers she ran up a steep block of North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale over and over again this morning, filmed by a camera cart. Crew didn’t give her a ride back down to the Bank of Montreal on the corner, where she hydrated and stretched before doing it again.


50 shades run1.7_marked

Talking with director Sam Taylor-Johnson.


A happy Dakota Johnson, high on runner’s endorphins?


50shades run2_marked



Earlier: Will Fifty Shades of Grey’s Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) be jogging this block of Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver today? A young woman will run either from the Bank of Montreal up to the  historic Paine Hardware building or vice-versa. That’s what the filming notice suggests. Note the excellent work done by the movie’s Greens Department in zip-tying imitation leaves to bare trees and adding shrubbery on Thursday to make February in North Vancouver look like May in Seattle’s Pike Place Market neighbourhood.

50 shades nv1_marked

50 shades nv4_marked

50 shades nv_marked

Fifty Shades of Grey is expected to wrap filming in Vancouver in a week, with only one other on-location shoot next Wednesday at Jamieson Tower downtown in their parkade.

See you next Valentine’s Day.

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