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SHOOT: RUSH Season Finale with Tom Ellis & Mercedes in South False Creek

rush - fixed

Update: Rush picks up a diamond ring for Sarah in this scene.

When You’re The Best Doctor Money Can Buy. You Need To Make Sure You Don’t Sell Your Soul.

What’s the first thing you notice about Tom Ellis on set as Los Angeles “medical fixer” Dr. William Rush? How tall and lean the Welsh actor is. At 6′ 3″ he looks otherworldly next to everyone else.

Tom Ellis — one of People Magazine’s Hottest Hollywood Bachelors — is well-cast as the freelance physician who drives around L.A. in a vintage Mercedes, making house calls to the wealthy and debauched in exchange for big wads of cash and discretion about damaged penises and beat-up girlfriends. The hard-partying doctor can’t be too judgmental about his sleazy clients. Two episodes ago, he had sex with his father (Harry Hamlin)’s trophy wife (Continuum’s Rachel Nichols).  Sex with a stepmother? Rush may be trying to clean up his act but for every step forward our bad boy takes ten back.

Filming of the first season wraps this week so I was lucky to catch the USA Network series on location last Thursday night in south False Creek after missing the  earlier girls’ soccer game shoot at Granville Park with Harry Hamlin as his father Rush Sr. and Rachel Nichols as the Step Mom.

image_3 (53)

image_5 (39)

Tom Ellis gets the prop diamond ring.

image_2 (74)

image_1 (121)

On location on West 2nd Avenue between Pine and Fir Streets.

image_2 (75)

Without the scrims and film crew.

IMG_4432 (3)

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Spotted early on at the Shangri-La Hotel downtown.

And in Yaletown’s Brix restaurant.

And in his Mercedes at the Bentall Centre for a night shoot of a red carpet event.

Rush airs Thursday nights on USA Network in the U.S. and Bravo in Canada.

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