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VIFF INDUSTRY: Discoverability Day – What’s the Use of Creating the Best Content If No One Sees It?

Updated and Revised:

VIFF Industry kicks off this afternoon with a panel on the new buzz word – “Discoverability”

”Creators will have to work harder than ever before to connect with viewers. After all, what’s the use in creating the best content in the world when no one can find it and enjoy it? Discoverability is paramount.” – CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais.

How do you find your target audience? Reach them? Engage them and hook them in a world where the most popular  platforms filter out your content in favour of their own determination of what people will be interested in, depending on their previous choices and browser history. Google (youtube) does it. Facebook does it. Amazon does it. Netflix does it.

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The online world is already one of Giants. Facebook recently eclipsed Google’s youtube in numbers of videos watched on desktop. 

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But youtube continues to be the single largest source of mobile traffic with over 22% of downstream traffic.

Only the agile can succeed.


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