BBC America’s comedic detective series Dirk Gently — based on the cult novel by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams — starts filming in metro Vancouver today with Samuel Barnett (Jupiter Ascending) as the eccentric detective and Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings) as his assistant. Together they investigate seemingly unrelated cases which turn out to be connected to a larger supernatural mystery. But their dynamic is nothing like  Sherlock Holmes and Watson  — “I am not your Watson, asshole. I am not available for side-kicking on something I am not involved with. I am my own messed up person with my own messed up problems.”

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Other cast, according to Deadline: Hollywood, includes Neil Brown Jr. and Richard Schiff as missing persons detectives Esteves and Zimmerfield, detectives. Miguel Sandoval as Colonel Scott Riggins and Dustin Milligan as Sgt. Hugo Friedkin, who investigate the paranormal from a secret bureau; Fiona Dourif as Holistic Assassin Bart Curlish; Michael Eklund as Martin, leader of the Rowdy 3; Jade Eschete as Farah Black, security officer to a billionaire. Pho Koaho as Ken, a tech; and Aaron Douglas as a mysterious loser Gordon Rimmer.

Max Landis is on board to write the 8-episode series, Dean Parisot to direct the first two episodes and Robert Cooper (Stargate) is showrunner of the BBC America/AMC co-production.

Dirk Gently’s first location is The Connaught in east Vancouver from today through Friday — May 24th to 27th.

Dirk Gently starts filming today and is expected to wrap August 26th (date subject to change), according to the Directors Guild of Canada-BC Production List.

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