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SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Final Season’s First Day at Motel & House Set in Aldergrove With Freddie Highmore & Isabelle McNally as Madeleine Loomis



Bates Motel began filming on its iconic Bates Motel and House set in Aldergrove today for the first time in its final season. Production assistants allowed me to park briefly and one escorted me down the road to take a few photos while they were setting up at the Bates Motel office.  Two fans arrived when I was leaving and were standing opposite set when I drove back. But earlier a fan was told not to take photos or video period. I don’t know what the situation will be in their final season in Aldergrove. It might depend on what and whom they’re filming — with all bets off when pop star Rihanna checks in as Marion Crane.

What will be the Bates Motel spin on Marion Crane? Production has cast Austin Nichols (The Walking Dead) as  Sam Loomis, who was Marion’s boyfriend in the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho. And Isabelle McNally as his wife Madeleine Loomis, a young Norma Bates lookalike. Love triangle gone wrong?

Norma’s Mercedes still parked below the house.


Madelaine Loomis  (Isabelle McNally) drops off paint for Norman in her Village Hardware truck.





The closest I came to Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Norman (Freddie Highmore) Bates today was their signed photos on the wall in Langley’s Hill Top Cafe.

But here’s a fun item. Online reviews of the motel in Aldergrove.

9 thoughts on “SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Final Season’s First Day at Motel & House Set in Aldergrove With Freddie Highmore & Isabelle McNally as Madeleine Loomis”

  1. Hi Susan.
    I’ve been going there everyday. I was told no videos or photos. I honestly have never watched filming of a show before so I truthfully had no idea that you couldn’t take pictures. I deleted them after a black van stopped the traffic control girl who than let me know what crew advised her to tell me. I respect that so won’t do that again! Atleast I know now. Felt bad after because I honestly didn’t know you couldn’t take pictures even though all it was was of the white tricks. Had no idea what was going on. I left after 15 minutes or so. Would love to meet Vera too. I never have but don’t think it will be possible. I’d be happy with just one picture and leave it at that! Thankyou for sharing your experience Susan and for the updates. I would still like to be able to try to meet Vera and Freddie too but like you, it doesn’t sound like it will be able to happen. Is like to watch them film but understand the reasons why they want to keep it so secured. Look forward to more updates 🙂 x

  2. Been driving out there everyday for four weeks as I didn’t know when they’d film. I guess I shouldn’t have had high hopes to meet Vera. Atleast I tried just incase but wasted so much on gas hoping just maybe! Yikes!…I feel stupid spending all that time going out there now. I guess it’s not like it used to be in earlier seasons like Scott in comments below said!

    1. If this wasn’t the final season you’d have a better chance of meeting Vera Farmiga in Fort Langley or Horseshoe Bay or Steveston which have all played White Pine Bay, but now Norma lives in Norman’s head. He will see her in places he goes, not where she went.

      1. Just what I thought too. Norman will probably stay at the motel and inside the house (film studios) a lot. Lots of horseshoe bay shots and fort Langley. Horseshoe bay was a perfect spot to shoot as white pine bay. So beautiful there. They filmed at Trolls restaurant on the corner there? Will just have to enjoy your updates as I’m too nervous to go back to the Aldergrove set. I don’t think they want any fans really there. I’d only go back if there were other people watching. I don’t want to cause any trouble if nobody should or really be across the street from the Aldergrove set.

  3. Most film crews do what they can to discourage fans from hanging out…it’s a hassle for the crews because they have to watch and put up with people they think. So the crews do everything they can including making up rules that don’t exist and make it difficult for people to be there. Crews say you can’t take pictures when in reality you can. Especially where Bates Motel in Aldergrove is being filmed. It’s on a street with public access. Standing across the street and taking pictures is allowed although crews try to discourage and tell you you can’t. They even tell you to delete the photos even though they have no right or authority to tell you to do so. If there is a real concern ask for the police to be called. There’s usually one on set. That’s why the police are there for such things. As long as you are not on their private property you are ok to take photos. Taking photos of the set is one thing but most crews don’t like you to take pictures of the celebs or use a flash…especially when they are filming. Use your discretion but that doesn’t always work because crews can be power hungry and try to apply rules that are made up and untrue. At most sets including the Bates Motel set they want you as far away from their set as possible but they over-extend any authority they have and go beyond your rights on a public access road. Trying to co-operate with film is the best thing to do but I have found if you don’t stand up for yourself against their made up rules, you’ll lose every time and they’ll scare you away. Be calm, be polite but also know that public access on public streets is your right.

    1. Yes public access on public streets is our right. But it’s much easier to politely stand your ground on a sidewalk rather than the shoulder of 272nd Street. You can fight production for your right to watch and take photos but it can get unpleasant. You could have crew stand in front of set blocking your view. Or be asked to leave. Who wants that? Most people who stay at set for any length of time are fans who don’t want to get in fights to see the filming of their shows. That’s why I tweeted what crew told me when I asked about taking photographs since there is no other public vantage than the shoulder of the road. Could have changed that an hour later but it was a guideline for people to decide whether or not it was worth going to see a bit of Bates Motel final season.

      1. I agree to your responses Susan and Scott. What I was saying is that crew going beyond their authority and stating the fans have to delete their pictures. That is incorrect on the crew’s behalf to tell you have to. The crew don’t have that kind of authority. That said, working with crews is always better for a more pleasant experience. Working together allows for a fun experience.

        1. I didn’t know Bates Motel had a permit for both sides of 272nd Street when filming at the motel/house set. So that means there is no public vantage anywhere, not even the shoulder opposite set. And they can have you removed. Not that they would but it’s not worth the long trip to find out you’re not welcome to watch.

    2. Technically Edward, BaMo does have the right to close 272 Street between 12B Ave and 8th Ave. They apply to Township for the right to film inside the borders with each film session, they pay for all the necessary permits, and poll all the people who would be affected… all 3 of us. If there are problems with spectators, the crew have every right to set up barriers and block all non-local traffic. They have done it before, and they can do it again. The locals also have the right to remove the spectators from their property (such as the groups that gather in the Transfer Station driveway, and the people who gather in my driveway).
      I assure you, from experience here at the set… if anyone calls the RCMP, they are going to side with the crew, who have all the necessary permits. It’s happened many times over the past 4 seasons with people who cause problems and not listen to direction well. If the crew are asking, that is there way of being nice and trying to avoid having to drag out the road blocks. It really is a pain in the ass when they do.
      Oh, and Police are only on set when requested to attend by the crew or the neighbors… for belligerent people, gun-play, and in cases where they absolutely require extra security (like when they all-too-frequently crash cars).

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