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PEACEMAKER Finale’s Surprise DC Cameos

PEACEMAKER Finale’s Surprise DC Cameos

[Peacemaker] has an insane story for every single superhero — Adebayo.

Peacemaker has been trashing DC superheroes since the season premiere when he claimed Aquaman f*cks fish.

So it was a great surprise when the Justice League showed up late in the season finale, with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash in on the joke.

You’re late. You f*ckin’ dickheads. – Peacemaker to the Justice League (Wonder Woman and Superman are in silhouette only).

Go f*ck another fish, asshole — Peacemaker to Aquaman as he walks past, carrying Harcourt in his arms.

I’m so f*ckin’ sick of that rumour. — Aquaman.

It’s not a rumour — The Flash ./ F*k you, Barry — Aquaman.

The DC cameos weren’t shot in Vancouver where Peacemaker filmed but later in Atlanta with the Marvel crew from Guardians of The Galaxy 3 that James Gunn is directing.

Gunn told Deadline: Hollywood that Ezra Miller went on fo 30 minutes with the best outtakes of all time, even calling Harcourt the little blonde boy.

Peacemaker, which is written and directed by James Gunn, has been going after the DCEU heroes since the premiere when he bashed Aquaman.

F*ck Aquaman. He bangs chicks? Good for him. He f*cks dudes? Got no problem with that. He starts f*ckin’ fish? Thats taking it a step too far.

Where did Peacemaker see this? On social media of course.

On episode 4, Peacemaker calls Batman a pussy in a spat with his father’s next door neighbour, who says Peacemaker ain’t no hero if he kills people unlike Batman who has a line he won’t cross.

On episode 6, Peacemaker tells a classroom of kids that The Flash is an unbearable d-bag and Wonder Woman once eye-effed him across a room.

Have you eve met the Flash? — girl wearing red Flash t-shirt.

Yeah I’ve met The Flash. Like everybody else who’s ever met him, I thought he was an unbearable d-bag.

Wonder Woman?

I’ve never met her but she did spend an entire party eye-effing me from across the room.

And in the season finale, he trashed the Green Arrow.

That dude goes to Brony conventions dressed as he back-half of Twilight Sparkles with a four-inch-wide butthole drilled into the costume. — Peacemaker.

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