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The Flash, Green Arrow, Spartan, Kid Flash & Bloodwork Filming at the Vancouver Art Gallery

The Flash, Green Arrow, Spartan, Kid Flash & Bloodwork Filming at the Vancouver Art Gallery

It was a dark and stormy night of filming The Flash final season last night at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Lightning and extreme rain made it difficult for anyone to see what was happening.

Update: But Vancouver photographer David James Papa managed to capture the Flash, Green Arrow and Spartan reunion on his Instagram.

David James Papa/Nixon73 on his Instagram.

Episode nine director Danielle Panabaker had a tough job on set with big guest stars — Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Keiynan Lonsdale, Sendhil Ramamurthy — and big stunts to shoot.

ComicsAreCool (宮下愛)/@comicsfun_30 image.
ComicsAreCool (宮下愛)/@comicsfun_30 image.

Fans spotted Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/the Flash, Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, ,David Ramsey’s Diggle/Spartan, Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork. and Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West/Kid Flash on set.

Oliver Queen and Diggle trailers.

Gi Pimenta/@LigiaPimenta image.

Ramsey and Wally West trailers.

ComicsAreCool (宮下愛)/@comicsfun_30 image.

Stunt rehearsals on Wednesday tipped that Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow would be in action. The Arrow star wrote on his Instagram that he’d be wearing a “familiar costume” on Thursday night.

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In a live chat last weekend, Stephen Amell conceded he’d probably get photographed in costume this week in downtown Vancouver.

If it were up to me I wouldn’t have said shit. I like surprises. That being said certain things are difficult to keep a surprise. I saw someone opining the other day that we probably made this announcement because we’re probably going to be filming in a public place and I’m probably going to get photographed in whatever I’m wearing… That was probably correct. – Stephen Amell.

It’s not like we’re filming in a field in Scotland. We might be filming in downtown Vancouver . . .we might be filming in broad daylight. It was gonna get out so we took control of the narrative. I wouldn’t have said shit though. Don’t ask me any more questions. If you get any more information about my appearance it didn’t come from me. — Stephen Amell.

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The Flash announced last Wednesday that Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen would return.

As soon as our final season was announced, we knew we wanted Stephen [Amell] to come back and reprise his iconic role as Oliver Queen. After all, it was Oliver who originally launched Barry Allen on his heroic path. That’s why everyone on Team Flash felt so strongly that it was important to create a full-circle moment with Oliver’s return in the final season of The Flash. –showrunner Eric Wallace.

The result is an epic-yet-emotional episode we hope Arrowverse fans will enjoy. It’s all to say “thank you” to everyone for watching and supporting our show throughout nine wonderful years. We absolutely cannot wait for everyone to see Grant and Stephen saving the world together again. And yes, there will be thrills, chills and tears. — showrunner Eric Wallace.

Stephen Amell’s viral tweet:

The Flash final season:

Showrunner: Eric Wallace.

Cast: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton, Brandon McKnight, Jon Car.

With Jesse L. Martin, Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie, Richard Harmon, Andy Mientus, Max Adler, Supergirl’s Nicole Maines, Arrow’s David Ramsey, Keiynan Lonsdale,  Sendhil Ramamurthy, Arrow’s Stepehn Amell and more guest-starring.

The Flash’s final run premieres February 8th on The CW.

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