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Morena Baccarin Guest Stars as Sheriff’s Deputy on FIRE COUNTRY

Morena Baccarin guest stars as a Sheriff’s Deputy in episode six of CBS’s hit drama Fire Country airing April 12th — which may lead to a spinoff with the tentative title Sheriff Country.

Mickey, a Sheriff’s Deputy for fifteen years knows every corner of Edgewater … and every one of its inhabitants. This is her town and she’s fiercely protective of it

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Alert The Sheriff: After a fire camp inmate escapes from Three Rock, the Sheriff’s deputy is called to investigate.

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What’s Mickey’s connection to the Leone family?

Max Thieriot directed this episode.

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What’s Fire Country about?

Seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence, convict Bode Donovan (Max Thieriot) joined a firefighting program in season one that returned him to his small Northern California hometown, where he and other inmates worked alongside his family and other elite Cal Fire firefighters to extinguish massive blazes across the region.

Then in the season one finale, Bode tanked his own parole, sacrificing himself for a fellow inmate and friend.

After six months in prison, Bode returned for season 2 on the Three Rock crew and a lot of changes: Eve (Jules Latimer) took Manny’s place as boss of the inmate firefighters, Manny (Kevin Alejandro) is with Cal Fire Station 42; Jake (Jordan Calloway is a Cal Fire Captain; Gabrielle (Stephanie Arcila) is training as a paramedic and engaged to her trainer; and Bode finds out he could be a father.

Fire Country Season 2:


BC filming dates: December 11 2023 – April 04 2024 (via DGC-BC Production List).

Creators: Tony Phelan, Max Thieriot.

Showrunner: Tia Napolitano.

Cast: Max Thieriot, Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro, Diane Farr, Stephanie Arcila, Jordan Calloway, Jules Latimer.

Recurring: Michael Trucco, Tye White, Rafael de la Fuente, Jason O’Mara. 

Tye White is Bode’s former cellmate Cole, an MMA fighter and family man, now on the Third Rock crew.

Rafael de la Fuente plays medic Diego, who’s engaged to Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila).

Jason O’Mara plays firefighter Liam a former colleague of Sharon (Diane Farr)’s. who runs into her and Vince (Billy Burke).

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