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BC-Filmed VIRGIN RIVER Season 5 = Netflix’s #9 TV Title in Back Half of 2023

Season 5 of BC-filmed romance Virgin River, starring Alexandra Breckinridge and Martin Henderson, ranked #9 in Netflix’s Top 10 TV Titles for the back half of 2023.

Virgin River follows Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse and midwife who moves to the small California town from Los Angeles after her husband Mark dies. There she falls for restaurant/bar owner and former marine Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), but their relationship is complicated.

Virgin River season five (including two holiday specials) generated 35.8 million views and all five Virgin River seasons totalled 69 million views in the back half of 2023 according to the newly released What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report, capturing viewership from July to December last year. Views are the total hours viewed divided by runtime.

Top 10 TV Titles in back half of 2023:

#1 One Piece with 71.6 million views #2 Dear Child with 52.5 million views; #3 Who is Erin Carter? 50.1 million views; #4 Lupin Part 3 with 49.7 million views; #5 The Witcher season 3 with 47.9 million views; #6 Sex Education season 4 with 46.3 million views; #7 Beckham with 43.9 million views; #8 CoComelon season 8 with 37.6 million views; #9 Virgin River season 5 with 35.8 million views; #10 The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 with 35.7 million views.

Alberta-filmed My Life With the Walter Boys made the list at #13 with 33.4 million views for its debut season even though it didn’t drop until December 2023, so we can expect it to see it in the Top TV titles of the first half of 2024.

Top 10 Film Titles in the back half of 2023:

Dystopian thriller Leave the World Behind was Netflix’s most-watched film and the Top Title overall in the back half of 2023 with 121 million views; #2 Heart of Stone with 109.6 million views; #3 Leo with 96 million views; #4 Nowhere with 86.2 million views; #5 The Outlaws with 83.8 million views; #6 Hidden Strike with 73.3 million views; #7 Reptile with 73.1 million views; #8 The Killer with 67.8 million views; #9 Family Switch with 61.9 million views; #10 Boss Baby with 61.7 million views.

Virgin River is currently filming season 6 in BC and is expected to wrap at the end of this month.

Virgin River Season 6:

Episodes: 10.

Working title: Sea to Sea.

BC filming dates: February 21 2024 – May 30 2024. 

Series developed by Sue Tenney.

Showrunner: Patrick Sean Smith.

Cast:: Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson, Annette O’Toole, Colin Lawrence, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Zibby Allen, Sarah Dugdale, Marco Grazzini, Mark Ghanime ,Lauren Hammersley, Kai Bradbury, Kandyse McClure.

Others: Teryl Rothery, Nicola Cavendish, Gwynyth Walsh, Christina Jastrzembska, Jenny Cooper, Lucia Walters, Steve Bacic, Libby Osler, Keith MacKechnie, Barbara Pollard, Trevor Lerner, Ellie Harvie, Darcy Laurie, Sandy Robson, Lexa Doig, Chase Petriw, Emma Oliver, Michelle Addison, Miranda Edwards, David Cubitt, Dan Payne, Tom Butler, Gabrielle Rose, John Allen Nelson.

Season 6 Filming Locations:

Is this Mel and Jack’s dream home?

A Virgin River season 6 set in north Langley could be Mel and Jack’s dream home built on the ashes of Lily’s farm. Both structures are new to the neighbourhood.

And this Paddle Steamer in Deep Cove could be season 6’s Virgin River Event.

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