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FATE With Faye Dunaway, Harvey Keitel, Brandon Routh & More Filming in Vancouver

It takes a minute to find a special person and an entire lifetime to forget them.

Supernatural romance Fate from director Jonathan Baker is filming in Vancouver this month with Faye Dunaway, Harvey Keitel, Andrew McCarthy, Brandon Routh, Mena Suvari and Cheech Marin in the cast.

While healing at a rehabilitation center after a rescue mission gone wrong, a firefighter Sam Ellis (Brandon Routh) connects with Tilly, a stranger from the past. Subsequently, he’s transported through time to find the only thing that can save his soul: his realization of true love.

Not much is known about the feature, except that its key location is inspired by the iconic Spanish-mission-style Vista movie theatre in Los Angeles which was refurbished in 2022 by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.


Vancouver filming dates: May 07 2024 – June 01 2024.

Writer: Gary Whitta

Director: Jonathan Baker.

Cast: Faye Dunaway, Harvey Keitel, Andrew McCarthy Brandon Routh, Mena Suvari, Cheech Marin, James Van Patten, Sebastian Siegel, Janet Montgomery.

Producers: Baker Entertainment, Highland Film Group.

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