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Brec Bassinger story.

Does anyone escape Death?

It’s the final day on set in Vancouver for Final Destination: Bloodlines, the sixth instalment in the horror franchise, with a big shoot in the Museum of Vancouver lobby.

Museum of Vancouver image.

What’s a Final Destination movie about?: 

A character has a premonition of a horrific and deadly event, cheats their own death, and saves several other lives in the process, only to have Death, as a personified but unstoppable force, come for the survivors one by one.

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The Death List for Final Destination 6 includes: Stargirl’s Brec Bassinger, Chucky’s Teo Briones, Kaitlyn Santa Juana, The 100’s Richard Harmon, Owen Patrick Jayner, Gotham Knights’ Anna Lore and  Max Lloyd-Jones.

Rya Kihlstedt and Tinpo Lee round out the main cast.

Has Tony Todd’s William Bludworth returned for the sixth movie?

Death is officially coming to town! I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me knows how much the horror genre means to me and to be a part of one of its most iconic franchises is nothing short of an honor. Especially with this group we have.  — Richard Harmon on his Instagram.

Brec Bassinger story today:

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What’s Final Destination: Bloodlines about?

Just as she’s about to leave home for college, 18 year old Stefani, who’s been having horrific nightmares about dying in a tower accident in the 1960s, discovers that her dream is actually a premonition that happened to her grandmother, Esther, who thwarted death fifty years ago .

Stefanie learns that though her grandmother thwarted Death (until she died in her 80s), Death has been going after the would-have-been victims of that long-ago catastrophe, killing them off and then going after their children. Stefani and her family realize that their bloodline isn’t safe from Death, who will take them violently and gruesomely, in order, unless someone like Stefani figures out a way to stop it.

Final Destination 6: Bloodlines was scheduled to start filming last summer with a “locked script” until the Screen Actors Guild went on strike. Pre-production halted and the crew was laid off.

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Production restarted early this March.

Final Destination 6: Bloodlines.

BC filming dates: March 04 2024 – May 13, 2024

Writers: Jon Watts, Lori Evans Taylor, Guy Busick.

Directors: Zach Lipovsky, Adam B. Stein.

Zach Lipovky and Adam B. Stein scouting a location.

Cast: Brec Bassinger, Teo Briones, Kaitlyn Santa Juana, Richard Harmon, Anna Lore, Owen Patrick Jayner, Max Lloyd-Jones, Rya Kihlstedt, Tinpo Lee.

Producers: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.-Discovery.

Final Destination Franchise:

So far, the Final Destination horror movies have centred on people who have premonitions of a plane crash, multi-car freeway pileup, roller coaster crash, racetrack stands collapse and bridge collapse, who then cheat their own deaths, as well as saving other lives in the process, only to have Death come for them all in the end — one by one.

In Final Destination 5 (2011), Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge starred as the collapsing bridge.

Death returns to claim the lucky survivors of a deadly bridge collapse in this fifth frightening nstallment in the series.

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