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Joshua Jackson

SHOOT: At the POlivia House in Burnaby for FRINGE’s Final Scenes – Updated

On a sunny but freezing Friday afternoon last December, Fringe took a break from studio to film a coda to season five’s opening scenes of Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv) out for a family picnic with their daughter Etta (Abagayle Hardwick) in 2015. A family picnic that was interrupted by Observageddon, the Observer invasion from the future, and the abduction of little Etta.

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This is what POlivia fought to get back to. If time was to be reset, then there must be a different outcome to this idyllic family picnic. One where the Observers never come and our family goes home to their POlivia house and happy life.

But how to film this in December? Very quickly of course. Especially with Joshua Jackson dressed in the same grey t-shirt and beige shorts, Anna Torv in the same long blue shirt and jeans and young Abagayle Hardwick in the same flowered dress as the Stanley Park shoot last summer. In the new coda, the Bishops leave the park together and drive back to their POlivia house Read More »SHOOT: At the POlivia House in Burnaby for FRINGE’s Final Scenes – Updated

SHOOT: Walter’s Window into Another World at Coal Harbour for FRINGE 5×12 Liberty – Updated

In the epic Fringe trailer for this Friday’s two-hour series finale, we catch a glimpse of Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble)’s cracked Window into Another World circa 1985 (cracked because Walter threw something at it after he saw Observer September interrupt Walternate’s discovery of a cure for his son Peter). Everything is coming full circle in Fringe’s fifth and final season. Walter must have hauled out the window from wherever he’d stored it in his ambered Harvard lab circa 2036 so that the team can have a look at Liberty Island in the parallel universe.

[sz-youtube url=”” /]

I suspect this will be an early scene of the attempt to infiltrate Liberty Island [to rescue the boy Michael from the detention camp] in the second-to-last episode called Liberty. Peter (Joshua Jackson), Olivia (Anna Torv), Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and Walter arrive in the dark van from last Friday’s episode and park it on the Manhattan shore [at Battery Park] — actually the seawall in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour in front of dozens of Fringe fans. In between takes, you can see good friends Jasika Nicole and Anna Torv crack up laughing.

Read More »SHOOT: Walter’s Window into Another World at Coal Harbour for FRINGE 5×12 Liberty – Updated

WEEK: January 7-13, 2013

  • Sunday, January 13th – Once Upon a Time 2×12 The Outsider has Rumple finding a way to cross the town border without losing his memory of his son Bae, Hook stealing Bae’s cloak,  a Rumple vs Hook showdown and then a big twist involving Rumple’s beloved Belle.
  • Sunday, January 13th – CTV airs a promo for Vancouver detective series Motive during the Golden Globes with the tagline: The Murder is Just the Beginning. Debuts on February 3rd after the Superbowl on CTV.
  • Sunday, January 13th – Cult panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour, with cast Matt Davis, Jessica Lucas, Robert Knepper and Alona Tal and Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon. Debuts February 19th on The CW.
  • Sunday, January 13th – The CW president Mark Pedowitz says new version of Vancouver-filmed pilot The Selection still in contention for pilot order. Tells TCA winter press tour that he loves the new script.
  • Friday, January 11th – Fringe 5×11 The Boy Must Live – the third-to-last episode features naked Walter in deprivation tank and father-son bonding between Walter and Peter and between September and his son, the child Observer! Oh, and someone must die for the plan to work.
  • Friday, January 11th – Arrow Fraturday: star Stephen Amell steals a motorcyle in a scene at Portal Park as news breaks of his Christmas wedding to longtime girlfriend Cassandra Jean; his stunt double rides the motorcycle down the stairs at Oceanic Plaza and over a prop Starling City cab into prop traffic on West Hastings. Arrow crew then moves to underground parking at the Vancouver Convention Centre to film overnight scenes until Saturday morning.
  • Friday, January 11th – Supernatural Fraturday: films overnight again inside Century House in downtown Vancouver.
  • Friday, January 11th – City releases promo image of  sitcom Package Deal, featuring Randal Edwards, Julia Voth, Harland Williams and Jay Malone.
  • Thursday, January 10th – Sitcom Package Deal tapes in front of live studio audience in Burnaby.
  • Thursday, January 10th – Once Upon a Time films at Deer Lake Park with Charming, Snow & Henry on set.
  • Thursday, January 10th – Arrow films at the PNE
  • Thursday, January 10th – Supernatural films inside Century House in downtown Vancouver.
  • Thursday, January 10th – Red Widow panel at TCA winter press tour. Debuts March 3rd on ABC.
  • Thursday, January 10th – News via @Lemon_Buzz that feature film Ninja Turtles closed its Vancouver production office and opened a NYC production office = Vancouver loses another feature film.
  • Thurday, January 10th – Premier Christy Clark’s BC Jobs Plan boosts several industries but not our declining film & TV biz. Click on the SAVE BC FILM petition and sign it to let her know the cost to the province of losing film & TV productions to places with better tax credits.
  • Wednesday, January 9th – Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman and cast Lance Reddick present early screening Read More »WEEK: January 7-13, 2013

PROMO: FRINGE 5×11 The Boy Must Live Promo Images at West Coast Express Station

Instant sci-fi classic Fringe’s third-to-last episode called “The Boy Must Live” airs next Friday, January 11th, with more of Peter, Olivia and Walter’s desperate attempts in 2036 to figure out pre-ambered Walter’s plan to save their world from the Observer overlords. A plan that seems to involve both the child Observer Michael and the series’ pivotal Observer September, who was revealed to be the mysterious Donald in 5×10 but with greyish hair on his not-bald head? Walter uses his Harvard lab’s infamous deprivation tank (I’m betting buck naked unlike Olivia in the first season) to try to connect with September/Donald, while Captain Windmark, the final season’s Big Bad, pursues his own agenda. Or as the FOX network logline says:

Walter enters the deprivation tank in hope of uncovering information about Donald; Capt. Windmark embarks on a revealing mission.

Is pre-ambered Walter’s plan to reset time, as Olivia says in a promo? That’s the most popular fan theory but if successful to what time? In one of the promo scenes, Loyalist soldiers are all over a monorail station platform. Fringe filmed this in early November at the Waterfront Station for the West Coast Express in downtown Vancouver. FOX promo photos below show Joshua Jackson’s Peter and John Noble’s Walter Bishop tracking Loyalist soldiers on the platform while Anna Torv’s Olivia Dunham does the same inside one of the train cars.



Fans who got close to the West Coast Express platform, when cast and crew moved east along it, witnessed an interesting scene involving Read More »PROMO: FRINGE 5×11 The Boy Must Live Promo Images at West Coast Express Station

FRINGE’s Joshua Jackson & John Noble Have Fun in the West End Rain for 5×11, Part One of Series Finale

John Noble and Joshua Jackson had a lot of fun filming a father-and-son scene for the third to last episode of Fringe — The Boy Must Live — six weeks ago in the pouring rain of Vancouver’s West End.

[Update: Here’s a FOX video of the father-and-son scene Although we saw it filmed with many camera setups, we didn’t hear what they were saying. Be warned there are more spoilers, but these are ones FOX chose to share]

[sz-youtube url=”!” /]

John Noble’s Dr.Walter Bishop runs out of an alley onto Bute Street where Jackson’s Peter Bishop catches up with him. They have a long talk and then embrace in a big hug.

Read More »FRINGE’s Joshua Jackson & John Noble Have Fun in the West End Rain for 5×11, Part One of Series Finale

WEEKS: December 17-30, 2012

  • Friday, December 28th – SPACE channel marathon of Vancouver’s own dinosaur procedural Primeval: New World
  • Tuesday, December 25th – Arrow star Stephen Amell marries long-time girlfriend Cassandra Jean at sunset ceremony in the Caribbean.
  • Saturday, December 22nd – Psycho prequel series Bates Motel begins its holiday hiatus. Returns January 7th, 2013.
  • Saturday, December 22nd – Vancouver sitcom Package Deal begins its holiday hiatus. Returns January 7th, 2013.
  • Friday, December 21st – Fringe airs tenth episode of its final season featuring Olivia, Peter, Walter, Nina Sharp and the child Observer Michael filming in downtown Vancouver, the tragic but brave death of a favourite character and the answer to the question, Who is Donald?
  • Friday, December 21st – Sitcom Package Deal tapes in front of a live studio audience in Burnaby
  • Friday, December 21st – Bates Motel films at the Psychiatric Assessment building in the Burnaby Youth Detention Centre.
  • Friday, December 21st – Supernatural begins its holiday hiatus. Returns January 8th, 2013.
  • Friday, December 21st – Falling Skies wraps filming of its third season.
  • Thursday, December 20th – Vancouver detective series Motive begins its holiday hiatus. Returns January 6th, 2013.
  • Wednesday, December 19th – USA Network renews Psych for eighth season of filming. Here are the crime-fighting quartet — Shawn, Gus, Lassie & Jules.
  • Wednesday, December 19th – Once Upon a Time casts Rose McGowan as younger Cora.
  • Wednesday, December 19th – Once Upon a Time begins its holiday hiatus. Returns January 3rd, 2013.
  • Wednesday, December 19th – Emily Owens MD studio liquidation 10AM-6PM at North Shore Studios
  • Wednesday, December 19th – Second day of Supernatural filming inside Langara College library.
  • Tuesday, December 18th – Supernatural films inside Langara College library
  • Tuesday, December 18th – TV Guide reports Battlestar Galactica’s Baltar, aka James Callis, cast on Arrow.
  • Monday, December 17th – Vancouver dinosaur procedural Primeval: New World mid-season finale directed by Amanda Tapping Read More »WEEKS: December 17-30, 2012

WEEK: December 10-16, 2012

WEEK: December 3-9, 2012

WEEK: November 26 – December 2, 2012