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Kokanee’s THE MOVIE OUT HERE On Location in Golden Ears Park

Kokanee and Alliance Films invited (social) media to visit them on location deep in Golden Ears Park  yesterday for the upcoming feature film The Movie Out Here. They lured us out with the promise of seeing a real Sasquatch (he has his own VIP trailer) but we saw a “fake” one instead filming a “fake” Kokanee commercial within the real movie — it has the working title Big Hairy Movie. No one seemed to mind about the fake Sasquatch though because of the Glacier Girls changing their bikini tops on camera and the Kokanee Ranger (John Novak) looking on.

The Movie Out Here is more than an extended Kokanee beer commercial, although I’m sure that would be entertaining too. But it’s no serious drama. Think Caddyshack not Schindler’s List. Or “Hot Tub Time Machine meets Old School” as one marketing manager put it. Robin Nielsen, Viv Leacock and James Wallis co-star as old friends who band together to fight a land developer in the ski town of Fernie in Kokanee country (the movie will film in Fernie before it wraps mid-month). Two of the buddies came out to set to chat with us even though they weren’t in the Kokanee commercial scenes.

Glacier Girls changing bikini tops on camera for fake commercial and real movie.

Electric Playground interviews stars Robin Nielsen and Viv Leocock on the set at Alouette Lake.

Robin Nielsen (grand nephew of Leslie Nielsen), who plays the straight man Adam, a Toronto lawyer, in this buddy movie.

Viv Leocock who plays Jason.

Winners of  the Live Auditions for new Kokanee Rangers.

A Kokanee beer truck on the beach for the fake Kokanee commercial.

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SHOOT: RED WIDOW’s Radha Mitchell & Lee Tergesen Filming in Yaletown Townhouse – Updated

Midseason ABC series Red Widow started filming its first episode as a series today in a Yaletown townhouse opposite George Weinborn Park. Mob widow Radha Mitchell emerged from the townhouse after some scenes and chatted a bit with co-star Lee Tergesen while waiting for a ride back to circus under the Granville Bridge. She then waved off her star car and clambered into the one of the vans.

But it seemed a bit early in the series for Lee Tergesen’s mob foot soldier Mike Tomlin to be strangling Radha Mitchell’s mob widow Marta Walraven, even in practice.  I’m sure it’s just the angle of my photograph.

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SET: EMILY OWENS M.D.’s Robert H. Johnson High School

If you’ve seen any of the teasers or trailers for upcoming The CW hospital drama series Emily Owens, M.D., then you’ll know that social nerd Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) has conversations with her younger high school self through a chain link fence. I’ve seen the hospital side of these conversations at the University of British Columbia’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre made to look like Denver Memorial Hospital. And today I hoped to catch the school side of these conversations at Lord Byng High School made to look like Robert H. Johnson High School. But mis-timed it. Here’s the set. And here’s a link to the new show poster of frazzled Emily — Practicing Medicine. Working on Life.

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PSYCH 6×11 Heeeeere’s Lassie in the West End on Global TV

It was Timothy Omundson’s turn to shiiine tonight in a The Shining-themed season six episode called Heeeeere’s Lassie on Global TV. His normally buttoned-down Santa Barbara police detective Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter goes psycho after buying a condominium in the Prospect Gardens apartments, a place he comes to believe is haunted. And that forces this skeptic to hire the services of  James Roday’s psychic detective Shawn Spencer and his BFF, Dule Hill’s Burton “Gus” Guster, who come dressed as ghost busters.

James Roday directed this episode with a lot of horror film sight gags, like a pregnant woman named Rosemary (Rosemary’s Baby) and the twin old ladies, boy on a toy bicycle, chandelier dripping with blood, labyrinth in the basement and a dishevelled Lassie chasing Gus through it (The Shining). Here’s Omundson below looking very Jack Nicholson emerging from the building after filming. And this is what he tweeted after wrapping the episode last summer:  “Just got in from a Looooong day at work. Well…5 of them to be exact. Gonna clean my gun, press my bullet proof vest and hit the rack.”

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Ian Tracey and Nicholas Lea Guest-Star on CONTINUUM Season One Finale

In early May, Continuum filled the 600 block Thurlow in downtown Vancouver with 125 extras, flashing prop Vancouver police cars, an emergency vehicle and a firetruck to film scenes of a bomb scare evacuation for last night’s season finale, featuring stars Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster and guest stars Ian Tracey (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Intelligence, Sanctuary), as the wonderfully wacky man from the future, and Nicholas Lea (The X-Files, V), as a suspicious CSIS officer. Unfortunately this bomb scare turned out to be a diversion and the building that Liber8 had targeted was the iconic Arthur Erickson-designed concrete tower at 1075 West Georgia next door.

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ARROW Kicks Glass (and Ass) at CBC Vancouver for Ep. 1×03

Upcoming TV series Arrow kicked glass — literally — at CBC Vancouver late Friday night. A Green Arrow stunt double burst through a “candy glass” window on the east wall feet first to the sounds of prop gunfire. Crew had spent the day setting up for this and we were hopeful that star Stephen Amell, who quietly boasts of doing roughly 75% of his own stunts, would perform this one. But not when there’s glass involved. Even stunt glass. Filming lasted overnight so Amell could have got plenty of action inside, which we couldn’t see, facing off against arch-villain Deadshot played by Michael Rowe, who tweeted he was on set. It’s a good bet that it was Deadshot who fired a prop rifle out of the open window on the left earlier in the evening. We’ll have to wait to see the third episode to find out, but clearly this show has not let up on the kick-assedness of its pilot.

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