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PROMOS: SUPERNATURAL 8×14 Trial and Error Promo Images

UPDATE: “If you try to follow me I’ll put a bullet in your damn leg,.” — Dean telling Sam that he loves him.

Some Supernatural fans worried that the new Men of Letters mythology would negate the tablets storyline. Apparently not, as prophet Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) returns next Wednesday to tell Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) that he has translated his tablet and found a way to close the gates of Hell. One person has to complete three tasks designed by God, including killing a hellhound. Sam and Dean argue about who should do them.

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PROMOS: ARROW 1×13 Betrayal Promo Images – Updated

David Anders (Once Upon a Time and Alias) is the next cult guest star to drop by Arrow. We’ll meet him next Wednesday night as infamous Starling City criminal Cyrus Vanch, who plans to take on Stephen Amell’s The Hood to re-establish his reputation as a leading crime lord. Something tells me it won’t work out.

But the theme of the episode is betrayal and there seems to be plenty of that to go around. In the Island flashbacks, Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen meets Manu Bennett’s man-behind-the-Deathstroke-mask who claims there are two masks..

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Flash forward to Starling City where the major betrayals are parental. Katie Cassidy’s Laurel is betrayed by her father who uses her as bait to capture The Hood, filmed in the rain on top of the Bentall parkade in front of a gaggle of visiting American TV journalists. Afterward Laurel angrily tells Colin Donnell’s Tommy about it but he’s not thrilled she kept her meetings with The Hood secret from him.

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SHOOT: Jorge Garcia’s The Giant in Steveston for ONCE UPON A TIME 2×13 Tiny

FE FI FO . . RUN! Three weeks from tonight, The Giant (Jorge Garcia) is back with a huge grudge and he’s unleashing his vengeance on the town of Storybrooke — after being kidnapped and brought there by Cora. He looks as angry as ever but maybe not so giant size.

I watched Jorge Garcia in costume do a scene of Anton the Giant furiously stomping along the street as cars swerved out of his way, filmed on a rainy December morning on Moncton Street in Steveston. Later, Once Upon a Time crew shot scenes of townsfolk running away from The Giant in terror as Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin with a bow and quiver of arrows on her back) stand their ground.

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