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PSYCH 6×03 This Episode Sucks on Global TV Tonight

This is old news for American Psych-Os but may,be not for some Canadian ones. On tonight’s Psych, Timothy Omundson’s buttoned-down Santa Barbara police detective Lassiter falls for a woman who could be a vampire, played by none other than Kristy Swanson, who was on the other end of the stake in feature film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh and Psych stars James Roday, who directs This Episode Sucks, and Dule Hill dress up like Lestat from Interview with a Vampire and Blacula.

Lassitar meets the woman named Marlowe in a bar and is instantly attracted but she disappears on him. The next morning, Lassitar arrives at a crime scene with his police partner Juliet, played by Maggie Lawson, which turns out to be the roof of the Bay parkade in downtown Vancouver. I watched James Roday direct a scene of Lassitar and Juliet examining the body. They find puncture wounds on the throat and neck prompting Roday’s “psychic” detective Shawn to jokingly proclaim the killer a vampire.

Of course in the hunt for a vampire killer there has to be a vampire bar and in this episode it’s the Barcelona night club on Granville Street downtown. I’d heard of the blood-red shoot but didn’t expect there’d be much to see from the outside so I never did see any vampires roaming our streets. Instead I caught an earlier daylight scene of Timothy Omundson’s Lassitar going into a store called Bling Crosby filmed on Alexander Street in Gastown.

That’s a bearded James Roday above in director mode in Gastown, standing with his co-star Maggie Lawson. I didn’t see Dule Hill on set until I found suspect Marlowe’s house in North Vancouver’s Capilano Heights. I asked Hill on his way to set if there were vampires inside and he said I’d just missed them (the vampires turned out to be Hill and James Roday dressed as Blacula and Lestat for an earlier scene in the house!).

Tonight is my chance to see them.

Psych’s season six is airing Mondays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Global TV in Canada.

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