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SHOOT: FRINGE Fights the Future at the Olympic Village Redux for 5×07

The last time Fringe decorated the False Creek waterfront at the Olympic Village with Observer posters to signify a future set in 2036, it was for season four’s Letters of Transit,  the gateway episode into the show’s fifth and final season. Fans lucky enough to see filming that day got a sneak peek at Observer overlords, Loyalist troops, a silver-haired Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) in a wheel chair and a blonde Olivia lookalike, who turned out to be POlivia’s grownup daughter Etta (Georgina Haig).

Last Friday, Fringe returned to the Village on False Creek, but this time it was amber-preserved Olivia (Anna Torv) kneeling down to talk to wheelchair bound Nina Sharp, not her lookalike daughter. Walter Bishop (John Noble), looking less befuddled than in Letters of Transit, and his faithful companion Astrid (Jasika Nicole), joined the pair for a long walk (roll)-and-talk along the seawall.

At dusk, Fringe lit up the area for a scene of Walter and Nina talking on the seawall. In a fortuitous coincidence, a meetup group had scheduled a photo walk in the area so there were half-a-dozen long-lense cameras on tripods to capture the beauty (my non-tripod photos below).

Here are a few more photos of what will be episode 5×07. Fringe is halfway through the filming of its final season in Vancouver.