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TRAILER: BACKSTROM with Rainn Wilson to Air on FOX in 2015

backstrom trailer1

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Self-Destructive. Judgemental. Indulgent. And The Way He Solves Crimes Is Almost Criminal.

backstrom trailer rain

Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) in the woods in the rain. Lots of manufactured rain in this show.

Backstrom trailer9

New partner Detective Nicole Gravely (Genevieve Angelson).

backstrom trailer4

Backstrom (Rain Wilson) on Vancouver Block clock tower.

backstrom trailer6

Detective Sergeant John Almond (Dennis Haysbert) in downtown alley.

Related: Rainn Wilson and Dennis Haysbert film in Alley off Cambie.

backstrom trailer2

Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) exits Portland Police Station, aka Marine Building with giant rain tower.

Related: Rainn Wilson Drenched by Rain Tower at Marine Building Downtown.

Backstrom is back in Vancouver at the end of [Update: June] to film twelve more episodes after pilot reshoots in April.

Backstrom the series will air on FOX in 2015.

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