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LEO AWARDS: CONTINUUM Wins Second Consecutive Leo For Best Dramatic Series

With Continuum taking home a second consecutive Leo for Best Dramatic Series on Sunday night and filming of the third season long wrapped, all that’s left this month is to see what other awards this smart sci-fi show wins, enjoy the twisty ride of the final three episodes and trust that Showcase will renew its Vancouver-cop-from-the-future hit. Team Simon Barry took to the stage on the weekend to thank the Leo voters for the honour.

leos continuum win

leos continuum win marked

Ian Tracey, Jennifer Spence, Omari Newton, Richard Harmon, Roger Cross, showrunner Simon Barry, stunt coordinator Kimani Ray-Smith (behind), Luvia Petersen and John Cassini.

And then the Continuum creator and cast took a selfie at the Media Wall.


Continuum selfie from another angle.

leos selfie

Seven Leos:

Best Dramatic Series to Continuum.

Best Supporting Performance to Lexa Doig.

She thanked Simon Barry, or as she calls him “the Great Kazoo”, and jokingly offered to share her Leo with her Liber8 lover Roger Cross and then retracted the offer, because her character is a “bitch”.

image_1 (12) 

Best stunt coordination to Kimani Ray-Smith.

leos cont stunts marked 

Best cinematography to Michael Wale.

Best screenwriting to Simon Barry.

Best picture editing to Allen Lee.

Best makeup to Jennifer Kipps.

Lex Doig & her daughter, xxx , John Cassini, Luvia Petersen & her girlfriend.

Lexa Doig & her daughter, Omari Newton , John Cassini, Luvia Petersen & her girlfriend. 

Ryan Robbins on his mysterious character who seems to be the one who really killed Kiera Cameron of the second timeline: when asked if he knows if his character sticks around next season, Robbins quipped, “I know”. And that’s all he’d say. No spoilers from this pro.

image_1 (11)

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