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SHOOT: BACKSTROM (Rainn Wilson) on the Beach at Burnaby’s Barnet Marine Park

Self-Destructive. Judgemental. Indulgent. And The Way He Solves Crimes Is Almost Criminal.

image_4 (18)

How eccentric will Backstrom be? Delightfully so — judging from his red long johns, wool socks, beer and chips on a sun-drenched beach at Burnaby’s Barnet Marine Park last Wednesday. The FOX series centres on Portland Detective Everett Backstrom (The Office’s Rainn Wilson) who tries and fails to change his self-destructive behaviour while leading the Serious Crimes Unit, investigating Portland’s most sensitive crimes.

Technocrane and [underwater cinematographer] in wet suit [filming] sun-bathing Backstrom (Rainn Wilson).

image_2 (34)

image_5 (10)

[Underwater cinematographer filming Backstrom on the beach.]

image_5 (7)

Scene wrapped, Rainn Wilson stands up and walks to the next scene at a water tank up the beach.

image_2 (37)

View from the beach where Backstrom was “sun-bathing”.

image_1 (49) 

Water tank on the beach with Backstrom double inside.

image_1 (55)

Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) walks right up to [underwater cinematographer] in a tank doubling as the ocean.

image_1 (54)

image_2 (38)

image_3 (27)

Other cast includes Genevieve Angelson as his partner Detective Nicole Gravely, Sarah Chalke as his ex-fiance Amy, Page Kennedy as Officer Frank Moto, Kristoffer Polaha as Sgt. Peter Niedermayer, Dennis Haysbert as Detective John Almond, Beatrice Rosen as Nadia Chickikov, and Thomas Dekker as Gregory Valentine.

Produced by Vancouver’s own Hart Hanson (Bones), Backstrom’s first case will solve the apparent suicide-turned-murder of a Senator’s son, premiering mid-season on FOX.

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