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FAN EXPO VANCOUVER: Celebrity Q&A with ARROW’s John Barrowman

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How do you capture the wild and wonderful performance art that is John Barrowman? In still photographs and text? You can’t. He’s lewd. He’s crude. He sings. He dances. He’s over the top but he’ll do anything a fan asks. And clearly is a huge inspiration to anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider.

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But all the fan interactions and singing don’t leave much room for questions about Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood or Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow.


“Fart in my mouth and prove it,” a fan dressed as a sumo wrestler challenged Barrowman. What? Prove what? Prove that Barrowman’s farts don’t smell. That’s what he told some Arrow cast on a cold, wet set. To which Stephen Amell retorted, “Fart in my mouth and prove it.” Now it’s the go-to phrase when anyone on Arrow flubs a line.

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Is something big going to happen with Malcolm Merlyn this season? John Barrowman says “he’ll open the window and listen for the world’s jaw to drop” during the Arrow season finale, as he said it did when Captain Jack Harkness was revealed as the Face of Boe on Doctor Who.





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