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SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES DARKER’s Dakota Johnson in Downtown Vancouver’s Hornby Plaza

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Ana Steele sits on a park bench. Fifty Shades Darker filmed Dakota Johnson this afternoon on a bench in downtown Vancouver’s Hornby Plaza against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. This appears to be Ana on a lunch break from Seattle Independent Press (SIP) but she’s wearing the same coat as the scene at her apartment when she refuses to get in Christian Grey’s car. Chauffeur Jason Taylor (Max Martini) opened the door for her but she walked away. That one probably has something to do with Christian’s former submissive Leila breaking into Ana’s apartment.

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Earlier today, Fifty Shades Darker filmed Ana in the same rain coat on the Coal Harbour seawall.

And then this scene of Ana sitting on a bench with fruit, a pencil and a manuscript?

Cherry blossoms in Hornby Plaza.

fsd hornby1-2

fsd hp10-2

Dakota Johnson arrives on set in her winter coat and Uggs.

fsd hp19-2

fsd hp24-2

fsd hp12-2

Talking about the scene.

fsd hp4-2

Ready to roll.

fsd hp-2

With backgrounders on every corner it wasn’t as public a scene as expected.
50 Shades Darker-1

It takes a village #FSD

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