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START: THE FLASH Musical Crossover With SUPERGIRL’s Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin & Darren Criss Starts Filming in Early February

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Grant Gustin as the Flash. CW image.

flash crossover4 e

The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover should kick off filming in Vancouver in early February with The Flash season three’s seventeenth episode entitled Duet.

Who will be singing? The shows’ two Glee grad leads — Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist — of course.

Grant Gustin as Sebastian on Glee.

glee gg

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Melissa Benoist as Matley Rose on Glee.

glee melissa benoist

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Who’s the Big Bad? Fellow Glee grad Darren Criss is cast as the Music Meister, according to TVLine.

flash glee e

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In DC lore, the Music Meister can hypnotize people by singing in a high register. He uses his power to settle scores with those who bullied him as a child.


Other warblers: Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan, The Flash’s Jesse L. Martin and Carlos Valdes and Legends’ John Barrowman and Victor Garber.
Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordon as Jimmy Collins on Smash.
crossover jj e
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The Flash’s Carlos Valdes in Broadway musical Once.
Carlos Valdes
Singing Hamilton-style in New York City.

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The Flash’s Jesse L. Martin as Tom Collins in Broadway musical Rent.

crossover rent jm

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Legends’ John Barrowman in Anything Goes in London.

crossover jb e
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Legends’ Victor Garber as Jesus in musical Godspell.

crossover vg e

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“The Flash is already a musical. We just don’t film it,” Tom Cavanagh told a Fan Expo Vancouver audience,  Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes and Tom Felton play guitar on set during breaks. “Carlos is the Lin-Manuel Miranda [Hamilton]” of his generation, Cavanagh said. And Jesse L. Martin is a Broadway star of his generation, headlining in Rent.
Dermott Downs will direct Duet which like the Fall crossover will start at the end of a Supergirl episode and lead into Flash’s Duet. David Harewood’s Hank and Chris Wood’s Mon-el will guest-star in non-singing roles.
Supergirl’s mustical crossover episode airs Monday, March 20th followed by The Flash’s Duet on Tuesday, March 21st on The CW.

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